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Quick Facts

Born Jonathan Rettinger; 4 September
Nationality American
Education Bachelor of Arts (BA); MBA
Occupation YouTuber; President, JFL Network. Sold TechnoBuffalo in 2019
YouTube channel  ‘Jon Rettinger’
Years active on YouTube 2007-present
Genre Technology
Subscribers 1.61M
Net worth Undisclosed
Partner Rebecca (married 2010)
Residence Irvine, California, United States
Twitter Link

Jon Rettinger is a well-known tech YouTuber. His own YouTube channel has almost 1.6 million subscribers. Jon is the president of JFL Network and the creator of TechnoBuffalo.

How much is the Net worth of Jon Rettinger?

Jon Rettinger’s exact net worth is not publicly available, but Net Worth Spot estimates it to be at roughly $644.46 thousand.

Drive-Thru Antibody Test: California Man Got His Results in 10 Minutes
Jon Rettinger with his children. Via Business Insider

The $644.46 thousand prediction is only based on YouTube advertising revenue. Realistically, Jon Rettinger’s net worth could really be higher. In fact, when thinking through more revenue sources for a influencer, some sources place Jon Rettinger’s net worth closer to $902.25 thousand.

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Bio, Age, Nationality, Education and Early Career

On September 4th, Jonathan Rettinger was born. In Orange County, California, in the United States, he was raised. From an early age, Jon has been a tech enthusiast and nerd. He used to explore Best Buy and Amazon in search of new technology.

Education: University and Early Career

He enrolled at the University of Rochester in 1999 to pursue a Bachelor of Arts (BA). Jon graduated in 2003 with a liberal arts major. He enrolled in the MBA program at the UCI Paul Merage School of Business in Irvine, California, in 2008, and graduated in 2011.

Jon was employed as an Account Associate at RPA in the Greater Los Angeles Area from 2003 to 2005. He was employed as a marketing manager for Nexa Technologies in Irvine, California, from 2005 to 2009. Jon then launched TechnoBuffalo, which he eventually sold to devote all of his time to his YouTube channel.

He has been employed by “The Nerdy” since 2018 as President and Editorial Director. Both Jon and JFL Network are full-time YouTubers and presidents. He used to study tech blogs for four to five hours every day before he started his career as a full-time YouTuber.


On June 7, 2007, Jon joined YouTube using his old middle school AIM screen name, “jon4lakers.”

He only joined YouTube to leave comments on other people’s videos; he had no intention of becoming a YouTuber at the moment. Jon was a marketing manager in 2007 and detested his boring employment to the extent that he wished he had a small automobile accident to avoid going to work.

His HP computer broke at the time, so he got a MacBook Pro. Not knowing anything about Mac OS at the time, he searched YouTube but was only able to locate videos of cats getting kicked in the crotch and people getting their asses kicked.

After creating and uploading films about his MacBook Pro, Jon renamed his YouTube account “jon4lakers,” which he eventually changed to “TechnoBuffalo,” and then to “Jon Rettinger.”

Jon Rettinger - YouTube
His YouTube Channel: Jon Rettinger – YouTube

“2.4GHz MacBook Pro – Unboxing,” his debut video, was released on June 8, 2007. Jon first used YouTube as a pastime, but he soon developed a deep affection for it. He began recording films with an outdated tape recorder in his one-bedroom apartment.

Later, he switched to using the webcam on his Santa Rosa MacBook Pro, but he persisted despite the poor audio quality. At the time, Jon was ashamed to post videos on YouTube because the platform was primarily used for cat videos and movies of males getting kicked in the crotch.

Letter gets him monetized & quitting his job for YouTube-

With the debut of the YouTube Partner Program (YPP), video providers can now make money off of their work. However, Jon didn’t meet the requirements to be admitted to the YPP, so he composed a two-page letter outlining his case for admission to the program to the YPP head’s address.

He received a letter from the head telling him that he was admitted into YPP. For Jon, it was a dream come true as he began to make money from his hobby of creating tech films. He eventually attained financial parity with his YouTube channel and work in 2009 as a result of the channel’s growth.

Jon quit his job quickly to pursue his passion of being a full-time YouTuber since he detested his work. He also began blogging for and contributing to tech publications. Later on, Jon also contributed to CNBC and Fox Business as a commentator.

Is TechnoBuffalo a YouTube Channel of Jon Rettinger?

He saw the potential of videos as his YouTube channel grew and noticed that well-known tech publications like Gizmodo, CNET, and others weren’t aggressively creating videos. Jon wanted to make videos for them, so he contacted all those tech websites, but he never heard back.

He therefore made the decision to start his own website, even though he lacked any prior business experience or website construction expertise. In 2009, Jon invested all of his money and rallied $40,000 from friends and family to establish TechnoBuffalo, a tech website focused on videos.

TechnoBuffalo crashed around 45 seconds after launch since he had no experience managing websites. After depleting all of his startup funds, Jon started having sleep problems but eventually managed to get the website up and running.

Upon founding TechnoBuffalo, he had four staff members and an office; his MBA degree improved his comprehension of the industry. Operating the website had been demanding from the beginning, taking up much of his time and leaving him with little time to dedicate to his YouTube channel.

Technology As A Creator With Jon Rettinger
Technology As A Creator With Jon Rettinger. Via LinkedIn

The growth of Jon’s YouTube channel stopped growing because he began to take it for granted. In addition, he introduced the geek culture-focused website TheNerdy. After a while, Jon became weary of concentrating on TechnoBuffalo, and the site’s traffic and profitability decreased as a result of changes to the Google algorithm.

He was conserving money to cover his employees’ salaries at the time and wasn’t paying himself a salary. He chose to sell the TechnoBuffalo name and website since it was taking up 90% of his work and only producing 20% of his income.

Jon sold TechnoBuffalo to Mobile Nations on January 8, 2019, and Future US, Inc. later purchased TechnoBuffalo. From a psychological perspective, selling TechnoBuffalo was well worth it, even though it wasn’t financially worthwhile.

Is Jon Rettinger a Successfull YouTuber?

Jon sold TechnoBuffalo to become a full-fledged YouTuber and began concentrating on his initial passion, making videos.

He was invited to shoot with his friend Jonathan Morrison of the TLD YouTube channel at the time. At the moment, Jon employs personnel to assist him run his YouTube channel. He has 318K Instagram followers, 188.4K X followers, and 1.61M subscribers on his own YouTube channel as of February 2024.

Jon receives income from a number of sources, including affiliate marketing, sponsorships, and YouTube ads. He also has a second YouTube channel called “insidejonsmind.” He isn’t posting videos on it right now. Jon maintains a private webpage. He uses a Fujifilm X100V for photos and an Osmo Pocket 3 for videos while he’s on the run.

Who is the Wife of Jon Rettinger?

On August 1, 2010, Jon wed Rebecca. There are three kids in this couple. In the United States, Jon resides in Irvine, California.