Jontavian Barber

Jontavian Barber is a well-known American YouTube star who posts vlogs, challenges, pranks, and music videos to his own channel on the site. He is also well-known on Instagram and YouNow. His music is great, and he’s also a big star on Instagram.

What Is The Net Worth Of Jontavian Barber?

Jontavian Barber’s main source of income is from promotion, collaboration, and brand endorsement.  Also, according to various sources, his estimated net worth is about $1 million to $5 million dollars. There are two ways he makes money: through Instagram and through YouTube, which he posts on.

Childhood and Early Life

Jontavian Barber was born on February 2, 1999. He now lives in Jonesboro, Georgia, and Also goes to high school there, too. Currently, he is 22 years old and has the sign of Aquarius in his birth date. He is an American citizen.

His mother is called Chaka. There is no information about his father. People say that his mother raised him. Also, he has a brother named Ouintavious and a sister named Denicia, who are both called Denicia by him. His sister is also well-known on Instagram. As a YouTuber and Instagrammer named “Chy,” who is also his best friend, he has a lot of people following him.

Caption: Jontavian Barber holding his family picture (Source: Instagram)

His recent profiles make it look like he had a very good and exciting childhood, so that’s what we think. In light of his educational background, it looks like he has already graduated from high school because he posted a video on his high school graduation day. He went to Clayton County Public School. His mother, brother, and sister came to see him graduate from high school. At the moment, he must be at a good university unless he has dropped out.

A professional’s life

Jontavian started out on Instagram, and there he got a lot of requests for videos. So, he started a youtube channel. When he started making videos on YouTube in the middle of 2015, he had two channels. One was for normal videos and the other was for vlogs, which are videos that he made. He also posts live stream videos on YouNow, but when he started making prank and rap videos, he started getting more attention. Barber has played pranks on his grandmother, his other family members, and his best friend. He has also done this to his best friend.

This is how it works: Jontavian has sung “Remember” and put up the music video for it, which was made by HD Genesis Films. Jontavian also has a YouTube channel. He posts videos there as well. This is because, when he makes a video, he often comes up with different voices for it. His fans didn’t always understand what he said, though.

Before he had his own YouTube channel, he has been in a lot of videos with other YouTube stars. He has a lot of prank videos on YouTube. He has worked with a lot of other famous YouTubers and has shown off his dancing skills by posting dance videos on a lot of different occasions. Then he sang another popular song called “Looking Boy.” They aren’t like any other vlog that Jontavian has ever made.

Caption: Jontavian Barber’s photo while shooting for the project “Don’t Play With That Boy ” (Source: Instagram)

Barber has worked with a well-known YouTuber named Blakkbeats to make a skit video called “Catch a Body.” He also wrote a song called “Ghetto Christmas.”

It was a project that he and his best friend, Chythegreatest, worked on together. When people see him on social media, he is very well-known. It is thought that girls love his hunky look. Jontavian Barber is very excited about having a lot of different types of sports shoes from a lot of different brands. In one of his YouTube videos, he has shown off his sports shoes.


His own YouTube channel was launched on November 4, 2015, after they broke up. A lot of his life, music, and other things are on YouTube. It has videos about RAP VIDEOS, CHALLENGES, SKITS, PRANKS, STORY TIME, and other things. He made his first video and called it “I got locked up.” Almost 140,000 people have seen it. he has been uploading videos to his channel ever since then

His vlogs are quite unique. He usually comes up with several voices for his vlogs. When he is talking, his voice gets squeaky and then gets hoarse before it goes back to normal. When he graduated from high school, he made a vlog about it. It was with his mother, brother, and sister.

Video: “THE WORLD IS ENDING PRANK!!” has almost 1,368,119 views. Video: “We broke up!!” Video: “The Ugly Singing Challenge!! (PUBLIC PRANK)” Video: “Remember by Jontavian official video (Directed by HD Genesis Films)” Video: “HAVING SEX IN MY MOMS BED PRANK!!” These videos have been seen by a lot of people.

He has even made collaboration videos with another famous YouTubers named Blakkbeats for a skit video titled ‘Catch a Body’. He even composed a song titled, ‘Ghetto Christmas’. Likewise, he has showcased his dancing skills by posting his dance videos on various occasions. Later, Jontavian sang another famous song titled ‘Looking Boy’.

A person’s life

Jontavian has talked a lot about his sexual orientation and how he and his friends have been together. A YouTuber named Brandon was his boyfriend and they were both very good at what they did. The couple has shown off a lot of their things. They put videos and pictures of each other on their own accounts.

In time, they became popular with other YouTubers and people who watched their videos. They were an example and inspiration to people who were afraid or hesitant to talk about their sexual orientation in public and they also taught people how to accept themselves.

Caption: Jontavian Barber with his ex-boyfriend, Brandon (Source: naibuzz)

People thought everything was going well between them, but then news about their breakup came out, which shocked their fans. Barber said that his boyfriend had cheated on him, and he also made a video about this. It didn’t stop there. Later, Brandon posted another video denying all of the claims.

Furthermore, there is no information about his current love lives or relationships. A lot of people think that he is single and doesn’t want his personal problems to be public. Another thing: Recently, he said that he is no longer gay in a video he put on YouTube. He said that he now prefers girls to boys.

Measures of body and social media

Jontavian Barber’s height is 5 feet 9 inches and his weight is 67 kg approximately.  Also, his chest size is 40 inches, his waist size is 31 inches, and his arms are 13 inches long. Hair and eyes are black.

Jontavian Barber spends a lot of time on social media and has a lot of followers on all of his social media pages. He has more than 1.2 million followers on Instagram and more than 551.5 million followers on YouTube. If you want to keep up with him, you can follow him on Twitter or YouNow, too!

More Facts of Jontavian Barber

Full Name: Jontavian Barber
Born Date: 02 Feb 1999
Age: 23 years
Horoscope: Aquarius
Gender: Male
Profession: Youtube Star, Instagram Star
Country: USA
Height: 5 feet 9 inches (1.75m)
Marital Status: single
Break Up Brandon Tourre’ Green
Net Worth $1 Million – $5 Million
Birth Place Atlanta, Georgia
Nationality American
Mother Chaka Barber
Siblings Brother (Quitavious Barber), Sister (Denicia Barber)
Youtube Jontavian Barber Youtube
Instagram Jontavian Barber Instagram