Jordan Rowe

Quick Facts

Name Jordan Rowe
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Musical Artist
Instagram @jordanrowemusic

Jordan Rowe is an up-and-coming musician. He was spotlighted by his self-titled debut song in 2019.

Jordan Rowe is a hustler, if we say it in plain terms. For a long time, he sharpened his talents and eventually made his debut in the music business with a wonderful album.

A greater number of people in America were shocked by his music. And, within a brief time, he was able to amass followers of his own.

He published his songs on his own until June 2020. Still, seeing his talented Tape Room Music, he couldn’t resist signing it. Ashley Gorley and the River House Artists are very fascinated with his singing.

As of now, Zebb Luster, a member of the River House, is managing him. Jordan is now a signatory of the Creative Artists Agency for tour appearances.

10 Facts About Jordan Rowe

  1. Jordan Rowe is an aspiring musician. He’s a great singer and songwriter.
  2. While he doesn’t have a wiki page, he’s rising to stardom very quickly because of his talent and melodious speech. He will soon have a page of his own.
  3. Jordan is currently represented by Tape Room Music. And, for the time being, River House member Zebb Luster is his boss.
  4. He’s a lovely looking musician. He’s also gifted with songwriting expertise. His height is uncertain as of now.
  5. The singer moved from his hometown to Nashville to indulge his love for music. He moved to town in 2019 and launched his first EP “Jordan Rowe” a month later.
  6. Jordan’s age is not on the Internet. But we’re positive he’s a young musician.
  7. There’s no news on the internet about his girlfriend and his love of life.
  8. He didn’t reveal his net worth.
  9. In 2020, his news album “Beyond the Crown” hypes the internet.
  10. The artist has more than 21K followers on Instagram.

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