Keaton “The Muscle” Hoskins

Keaton “The Muscle” Hoskins was born on September 5th in Kaysville, Utah. He’s in his forties or fifties, according to the actor. This is the best guess we can make because he hasn’t shared his precise birth year. Keaton “The Muscle” Hoskins’ net worth is unknown. His wiki-bio, as well as his wife.

Do you know about the professional life and career of Keaton “The Muscle” Hoskins?

Keaton Hoskins is a fitness expert from the United States who is also a diesel car lover. It was for the latter that he was dubbed “The Muscle.“Like the rest of his ensemble, the actor was interested with automobiles and how they functioned. He grew up in a family of diesel car enthusiasts. This is most likely where he gained his interest in and knowledge of autos. Keaton has claimed on the record that he was hooked the instant he stepped into a diesel vehicle.

There was no turning back after that. He used to work in garages to improve his skills and learn everything he could about diesel cars when he was younger. Keaton’s passion for automobiles was not his only passion; he was also a die-hard football lover. When he was younger, especially in high school, he used to play it a lot.Without a doubt, this paved the way for his future career in the fitness business. His career may be traced all the way back to the gym’s humble origins. The muscle was a personal trainer, and a good one at that, having helped more than 2500 people achieve their fitness goals.

He’d then decide to form the Diesel Sellerz, a firm he’d started with his old pal Heavy D. Keaton got the opportunity to apply his knowledge and experience to diesel vehicles. His participation benefited the group in attracting Discovery Channel producers’ attention. Following that, they were given their own show, Diesel Brothers.

What is the net worth of Keaton “The Muscle” Hoskins?

Working for the Discovery Channel has helped him build his riches. Reality television is a thriving industry. For each episode they work on, top network stars can earn up to $ 20,000. According to multiple sources, Keaton Hoskins has a net worth of $ 500,000.Most of this stems from his experience on reality television, but he was also a well-known fitness trainer with tens of thousands of clients. This is most likely the foundation of his enormous wealth. The Muscle receives money from all of the merchandise that the Diesel brothers sell on their website.

Relationship status

Fans will be relieved to learn that the muscular celebrity is no longer married. His previous name was Jenny Hoskins. wife’s They married when they were young, but after having children, they divorced.Jenny and Keaton, unlike the majority of failed marriages, elected to keep things friendly. They don’t harbor grudges against one another and instead focus their energies on becoming the best co-parents they can be for their two beautiful daughters.We couldn’t tell if the muscle has a new girlfriend, but based on his appearance, we’re quite confident he does. Regrettably, the man likes to keep his personal life private. As a result, until he comes out and says so, we won’t be able to find out who he’s dating.



We learned that he grew up in Utah and was close with a few family members, including Crissy McFarland, Jess Williamsen, and Kameron Hoskins, during his childhood. The Diesel Brothers’ Muscle is a man who is driven by his religious convictions and family values.As a result, he is extremely close to them and has been for many years. The muscle has always had a thing for diesel vehicles, ever since he first drove one as a kid. He became addicted, and he hasn’t been able to shake the diesel bug since. He also liked to play football, which was one of his favorite pastimes. Keaton went about it with the same zeal that he did with diesel trucks. Throughout his time at Davis High School, he continued to play.

Rather than going to college, the actor focused on honing his automotive skills, particularly with diesel engines. Keaton became interested in physical training as well, and he went on to become a fantastic instructor in his community. This is because the man was overjoyed at the prospect of helping others achieve their fitness objectives. The life of the muscle was not always easy, as his marriage would terminate. He remains unfazed and continues to live life to the fullest.

Facts of Keaton “The Muscle” Hoskins

Full name Keaton “The Muscle” Hoskins
Age Mid 40s
Date of Birth September 5th
Place of Birth Kaysville, Utah, USA.
Profession Television personality, reality star, Diesel vehicle expert, Fitness Instructor
Net worth $ 500,000
Wife Jenny Hoskins (ex)
Kids 2
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Parents N/A

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