Lascelles Chin – Jamaican Businessman | Death Cause, Age, Date, Bio, Wiki, Career, Company, Family, Wealth & Facts

Lascelles Chin was a renowned Jamaican businessman who rose to prominence as the founder and Executive Chairman of the LASCO Affiliated Companies.

The late businessman Lascelles Chin started his own company in 1956. By 1958, Chin was importing black pepper from Asian countries as well as peas from Portugal and the United States.

Furthermore, Chin’s business was so successful that he became the island’s largest black pepper trader.

Chin was doing well in life till he died on Saturday night at the age of 86. People were concerned about his career earnings after his death, but first, let’s look at his net worth.

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What was Lascelles Chin’s Net Worth at the time of his death?

Lascelles Chin left a significant net worth before his death, although the exact amount is unknown. At the time of writing, no verified media outlets had provided information about Chin’s fortune.

Chin’s net worth cannot be calculated due to a lack of information. Chin, on the other hand, is said to have led a luxury lifestyle thanks to his large financial balance.

Furthermore, Lascelles made a lot of money as a successful businessman. He was the creator and Executive Chairman of the LASCO Affiliated Companies, as we all know.

Lascelles Chin's Net Worth at death
Lascelles Chin was a notable Jamaican businessman who was involved with the LASCO Affiliated Companies. (From the St. Vincent Times)

During the fiscal year ended March 2018, the Lasco-affiliated enterprises involved in financial services and distribution generated higher sales and net profits. Lasco Financial Services generated a net profit of $255 million on earnings of $1.6 billion, representing a 35% increase in net profit and a 51% increase in revenue.

All of his businesses were expanding and producing a good profit. It is evident from this that Lascelles made a large profit from his firm.

Lascelles Chin’s Earnings and Achievements | Business

Lascelles Chin had an amazing career, and he received notable successes from his business. He was linked with LASCO, and their products have become synonymous with quality and affordability throughout Jamaica.

He currently serves as Chairman for the following Companies:

  1. LASCO Distributors Limited
  2. LASCO Manufacturing Limited
  3. LASCO Financial Services Limited
  4. East West (St. Lucia) Limited
  5. Summit Development Limited
  6. Charco Limited

The company LASCO Distributors Ltd was established in 1988. Since then, the Company has provided its services to the general public. Similarly, groups such as the Jamaica Industrial Development Corporation and the Jamaica Exporter’s Association have praised Chin’s competence and counsel.

Similarly, Chin was a board member of the Kings House Foundation. Chin was also a member of the Advisory Board for the University of the West Indies School of Nursing.

Lascelles Chin's Interview
In 2016, Lascelles Chin was photographed during an interview. (Image Via: Twitter)

Chin received numerous honors as a result of her diverse achievements. He was awarded the Order of Jamaica 2001, the country’s fourth highest civilian decoration.

Chin has inspired many people by encouraging those who can to take an active role in devising systemic and coordinated solutions to the nation’s problems.

He hopes to leave a legacy of solution-building to Jamaican society through the Lasco Chin Foundation, where our most vulnerable inhabitants will be given the skills and assistance they need to succeed.

People are currently mourning his demise, and Genius Celebs extends their heartfelt condolences to his family.