Quick Facts of Linkzr

Name Linkzr
Birthday April 9, 1994
Age 29
Gender Male
Nationality Finland
Profession Esports Player
Married/Single Dating; Stefi
Instagram linkzrow
Twitter @LiNkzrOW
Youtube LiNkzr

Linkzr, a native of Finland, is a Twitch streamer who is currently playing with the Vancouver Titans. Considered to be one of the best Flex DPS players, his key game is Overwatch.

His Twitch account reportedly has 85.5 thousand subscribers. Without a doubt, Linkzr is emerging as a gamer to the lookout.

Linkzr began playing computer games as a teenager. As time went by, his love for games escalated, and then he started screaming. He soon came to attention because of his exceptional talents.

Throughout his professional years, he has played in a variety of competitions, winning many games. He’s an ex-Dirty Bomb player.

10 Linkzr Facts

1. Linkzr is dating his girlfriend, Stefi. A number of her remains hidden as of now. It is quite clear, though, that the pair has been together for quite some time.
2. Formed on 9 April 1994, he is now 29 years of age. He belongs to the zodiac sign, Aries, according to his month of birth.
3. While the specifics of his net worth have not yet surfaced. His earnings cannot be compromised as a successful gambler.
4. To date, he has gained 18,5 thousand followers on his Instagram site. To date, 184 posts have been shared.
5. Comparatively, the football star has put up more followers on his Twitter account, 49.9 thousand to be precise.
6. Even though his hardcore fans may know him better than “Linkzr,” his real name is Jiri Masalin. Today, he is highly recognized for his online presence.
7. Linkzr only won lucrative cash prizes by participating in tournaments. To date, the Overwatch League player has won a total of 9 tournaments.
8. Blessed with healthy genes, the Twitch streamer is normally sporting glasses and blonde locks.
9. According to his Twitch profile, his favorite characters are mei, the widow, Genji, and Mackree.
10. Considered one of Houston Outlaws’ legendary players, he came to fame for the first time in 2015.