Locklear is a Twitch streamer who has been making different kinds of videos on his Twictaccount as well as other social media accounts. He is primarily making streaming content though.

Locklear is definitely a very charming guy. I don’t know if he is scared to sit in front of a camera but if I had his face, I wouldn’t mind it. He makes different kinds of gaming videos on Twitch. Recently, he has been playing more and more “Among Us” because of its widespread craze amongst the gaming community.

He has near to a million subscribers on Twitch which is really a phenomenal job. Some people consider streaming to be a very easy job but it is very challenging to earn subscribers and do it for a long period of time. Locklear is one of those who have tasted moderate success in doing so.

10 Facts On Locklear

  1. Locklear is a Twitch streamer who especially streams gaming videos on his Twitch.
  2. His real name is Jean Clenche but is more famous as “Locklear”.
  3. We don’t know how old he is. He doesn’t have a Wikipedia which is why it’s a little hard to find information about his life.
  4. We also don’t know his zodiac sign as he has never let us know when he celebrates his birthday.
  5. He is based in France as he grew up there. Therefore, his nationality is French.
  6. Locklear streams regularly and has impressive stats. He is one of the fastest-growing streamers at the moment.
  7. Locklear’s net worth remains unknown to date but I suspect he’s making a satisfactory income from Twitch.
  8. He has 971k followers on his Twitch account which is a great number. He’s going to hit a million sub landmark pretty soon now.
  9. We don’t know how tall Locklear is. He doesn’t have a girlfriend currently.
  10. He has 296k followers on his Instagram account.

Facts of Locklear

Name Locklear
Gender Male
Nationality French
Profession Streamer
Married/Single Single
Instagram esl_locklear
Twitter @Lockl34r