Lona Skutt – Food Blogger, Celebrity Wife | Wiki, Age, Height, Net Worth, Relationship, Ethnicity, Career

Quick Facts of Lona Skutt

Full Name Lona Skutt
Last Name Skutt
Birth Date August 13, 1988
Country USA
Nationality American
Updated 2023

Lona Skutt is a wife of American professional golfer Joel Dahmen and, a culinary blogger. Dahmen, who overcame testicular cancer and won his first PGA Tour tournament in 2021, also has her as a supportive partner.

Additionally, August 13, 1988, is Skutt’s birthday. She was educated at Arizona State University and is a native of Arizona. Cooking has always been her passion, and she’s always wanted to bring her skills to New York City.

How Rich Are Lona Skutt & Her Husband?

Although Lona’s net worth is unclear, her blog and her husband’s PGA Tour accomplishments enable them to lead comfortable lives. Joel Dahmen’s career and income both increased as a result of his significant victory in the Corales Puntacana Resort and Club Championship in 2021, which the pair celebrated.

Joel Dahmen has an estimated net worth of $12 million as of now.

According to Golf Digest, her husband has also achieved stardom on the PGA Tour, having earned over $12 million in his career. In addition, he is a charming and sincere individual who draws a lot of admirers and media attention.

How Joel Dahmen & Lona Skutt’s Met?

In 2012, Lona Skutt and Joel Dahmen happened to cross paths while waiting in line at an Arizona pizza joint. Dahmen overcame testicular cancer in 2011. He struck up a conversation with Skutt, offering to buy her a pizza if she could go ahead of him in line.

Lona Skutt alongside her spouse, Joel Dahmen.

A week after Skutt gave him her number, they went on their first date. The pair had a good relationship, and Skutt decided against traveling to New York and to remain in Arizona.

When Did They Marry?

In December 2018, Lona Skutt and Joel Dahmen tied the knot after dating for seven years. Murphy the dog is one of their canine buddies at home in Scottsdale, Arizona.

In January 2023, Riggs William Dahmen, a boy, became their first child. When Dahmen posted the news on social media, they referred to Skutt as “the best mom in the world”. They are adjusting to their new roles in their hectic job life and loving being parents.

Supporting Dahmen’s Golf Career

Joel Dahmen’s golf career has been difficult following his cancer diagnosis. Lona has consistently provided him with encouragement and support. In 2014, Skutt handed Dahmen $200 so he could take a golf lesson and rediscover his passion for the game.

Lona Skutt is a supportive partner to Dahmen.

Dahmen won two PGA Tour Canada events in that same year. He received his PGA Tour card the following year. Skutt frequently attends Dahmen’s competitions alongside him, supporting him from the stands. She witnessed him win his first PGA Tour championship in 2021 at the Corales Puntacana Resort and Club Championship in the Dominican Republic.

Lona’s Journey Through Food & Culture

In addition, Lona Skutt runs the well-known travel-themed cuisine blog Travel Eats And Treats. She provides travel advice, restaurant reviews, and her own recipes on this blog. In order for her to share her passion for cuisine and travel with others, they started the blog in 2017.

She also blogs about her travels and experiences with cuisine, including her favorite local delicacies. She collaborates with other culinary bloggers and brands, and she has a large following on Instagram.

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