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Kaytranada is a disc jockey (DJ). In addition, he is also a record producer.

Kaytra stared his career as Kaytradamus since 2010. His real name is Louis Kevin Celestine and uses Kaytranada as his stage name. He is also a member of the Hip-Hip duo. The other member of the Hip-Hip duo is his brother Luo Phelps.

Kaytranada genre is hip-hop music, electronic music, funk, and dance music.

10 Facts on Kaytranada

  1. Louis Kevin Celestin is the real name of the DJ. He was born on the 25th of August, 1992. He is 27 Years of age.
  2. The height of the DJ is not known. However, judging from his looks, he sands at a moderate height maybe. His weight is also not known but may be maintained.
  3. Kevin’s income source is through his music. But the DJ has hardly revealed his net worth amount. Nor has he exposed details on his income.
  4. Celestin does not have a girlfriend. He has revealed himself as gay at an interview in April 2016 with The Fader. We do not know if he has a partner or not as he has not given detailed information on his relationships.
  5. He is the eldest son in his family and has a younger brother. His brother is named as Louis-Philippe Celestin. Details on his father and mother are not available.
  6. The DJ’s education details are unknown but he started to DJ when he was just 14 years old.
  7. Celestin was born in Haiti but raised in Montreal. He has Candian nationality.
  8. He first started with stage name Katryadamus but later on, changed to Kaytranada after he released his two projects.
  9. Celestin has been working with HW&W recordings.
  10. His Youtube Channel KAYTRANADA has 183k subscribers while Instagram has 595k followers. He also has Facebook and Twitter account.

Facts of Louis Kevin Celestin

Name Louis Kevin Celestin
Birthday Auguat 25, 1992
Age 27 Years Old
Gender Male
Nationality Canadian
Profession Singer
Siblings 1
Instagram Kaytranada
Twitter KAYTRA
Facebook Kaytranada