Louisa Pili

Louisa Pili is an actress identified as Mathilde in the 2004 French film “The Giraffe’s Neck.”

Louisa began as a young actor and her first break was The Giraffe’s Neck in 2004. She was just 8 years old when she played the “Giraffe’s Neck” role of Mathilde.

Louisa is now known for her acting in a comedy ballet musical called The Fictional Invalid.

Louisa Pili’s Net Worth:

The net worth of Louisa Pili is around $13 Million. 

10 things regarding Louisa Pili

1. Louisa, Louisa The precise date of birth of Pili is not established. At present, though, she is 24 years of age in 2020.
2. The precise height and weight data of the actress are still undisclosed. However, it tends to be at an average height, and ber’s body weight is still moderate. In addition, the body measurement specifics are also inaccessible.
3. Pili has to make some good fortune from acting. In addition, she has worked in the film business since her youth. So her revenue and net worth might be massive, but it’s not yet disclosed.
4. No specifics about the state of her partnership are available. She might have a buddy and a date, but she has not disclosed the real truth. There’s even a possibility that she’s single or that she’s covering her status.
5. The history of Pili’s family is still unclear. The actress has never spoken about the specifics of her family.
6. Speaking of the Wikipedia article, the actress has not been featured yet.
7. Pili was born and brought up in Paris. And she’s of French nationality.
8. Louisa is also a voice actress and has appeared on a variety of animated features as well as in dubs. She is also a guitarist and manager.
9. Pili is renowned for her work in Papillon, The Giraffe’s Leg, The 15:17 in Paris, and The Film.
10. Louisa has a Facebook account and an Instagram account. Her Instagram account at @loupilibmk has 1851 fans.

Facts of Louisa Pili

Name Louisa Pili
Age 24
Gender Female
Height 5 Feet and 5 Inches
Nationality French
Profession Actress
Instagram @loupilibmk
Facebook Louisa Pili


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