Louise Ford

Louise Ford: Quick Facts

Full Name LouiseFord
Date of Birth 1984/11 /06
Nickname Louise
Marital Status In a relationship
Birthplace London, UK
Ethnicity White
Age 36
Profession Actress
Nationality British
Height 5’8″
Eye color Brown
Hair color Blonde
Build Slim
Boyfriend Rowan Atkinson
Net Worth $4 million

Louise Ford is a British actress best known for her roles in the films The Windsors and Crashing. She is married to Rowan and the mother of two children.

What is the Louise Ford Net Worth?

Louise Ford  has only been a part of the performing world for 11 years. However, as of 2020, this actress has amassed the appropriate level of net worth. Ford has a $4 million net worth. All of this is due to her performances and the endorsements she receives on the side. Ford enjoys traveling and spending time with her family when she is not in front of the camera.

The most of the time, Louise is shown enjoying fun with her daughter. Although information on the net worth is available, the annual salary, as well as the houses and cars, are unknown.

Parents and Childhood

Louise Ford was born in London on November 6, 1984. Her parents’ names remain unknown to the wider public. Not only the parent’s name, but also the information about the siblings is a long way off.

Louise is currently 36 years old. She is of British nationality and of Caucasian ethnicity. Scorpio is her zodiac sign, indicating that she is both ambitious and secretive. Due to the relationship status, one can barely doubt it.

Body  measurements

Louise is in her late thirties, so she exudes a lot of elegance and grace. It’s crucial to give her the appearance of being 5’8″ tall with a bodyweight of 60 kilograms.

Furthermore, the thin figure, which is the consequence of regular workouts and a nutritious diet, enhances the excellent looks. The vital bodily measurements of 29-27-34 inches belong to Ford.

The average height is matched by an 8-size shoe. Finally, the brown gleaming combined with her blonde hair gives her a charming appearance.

Education and the Early Years

Louise grew up in London, where she spent her youth with her family and siblings. Her parents’ names are unknown, however sources indicate that her mother is a stay-at-home mom.

It’s difficult to say how Louise’s upbringing was due to a lack of information. But one thing is certain: this actress has always wanted to be a part of the entertainment industry. Louise, on the other hand, attended the Local English Grammar School in London, where she received her schooling. She also enrolled in The Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts to improve her education.

She gained the skills and experience necessary to become one of the town’s top actresses at this university.

Do you know about the Career of Louise Ford?

Louise Ford may be one of the most well-known names in the profession of acting at this moment, but she did not have it easy. Although this actress has only been in the industry for a little over a decade, her allure is undeniable.

With Law and Order, he made his debut in 2009. Although just a small portion of the audience knew her as Sharon, it provided her with the much-needed break from the celebrity world.

Ford has been in a reasonable number of films and television series up to this time.

Chicken, Crashing, Denial, Curious Under Stars, M.I. High, My Almost Famous Family, Doc Martin, It’s Kevin, Chicken, Crashing, Denial, Curious Under Stars, and many more. There are many rumors that Louise is well-known for her relationship rather than her profession. It’s true at times, but there’s always work coming from her and pushing the doors open.

The Windsors is definitely one of her most well-known works. Ford has played Kate in this series for the past four years. This has given her the necessary celebrity and career boost. With time, she will undoubtedly produce more professional work, and readers will be made aware.

Louise Ford’s Husband

The fact that Louise rose to stardom as a result of her affiliation with Rowan Atkinson is well-known among Rowan Atkinson fans. To some extent, this is correct. At this point, Louise and Rowan are in a relationship, but things have never been the same between them. Rowan was a married man when he and Louise began dating.

Rowan Atkinson and Louise Ford,Source;Instagram

Rowan left his wife and moved in with Louise, which stunned the acting community. Ford and Rowan were head over heels in love at first sight. Yes, they met on the set of Quartermaine’s Term and haven’t looked back since.

Initially, few people were aware of the scandal, but information gradually leaked out. After 23 years of marriage, Rowan divorced Sunetra Sastry. Rowan’s daughter openly called him a dickhead because of the divorce.

Ford and Atkinson, interestingly, regained their mojo and chose to be together forever. At this time, they have a daughter named Isla. There is a 29-year age difference between the two, for those who are unaware.

Despite this, they were able to make the connection and are now living a happy life. Louise revealed that Atkinson is taking a vacation from acting to care for the girl after the birth of the daughter. Apart from Rowan, Louise had previously been in a relationship with James Acaster, which did not end well. This relationship appears to have a long future ahead of it.


Internet and social media

A lot of celebs are interested in social media. For others, though, it is the polar opposite. Some celebrities choose to keep their personal lives isolated from the public eye. Louise is not active on social media networks, which comes as no surprise.

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