Maisie De Krassel – Actress, Model | Wiki, Age, Height, Net Worth, Relationship, Ethnicity, Career

Quick Facts

Birth Date April 30,2007
Full Name Maisie De Krassel
Profession Actress, Model
Nationality American
Birth Country United States
Mother Name Melanie De Krassel
Horoscope Taurus
Networth $2,00,000

Maisie De Krassel, sometimes referred to as Maisie Dek, is a model and child actor from the United States. She made appearances in three TV shows in 2018 alone: Heathers, For The People, and I Feel Bad.

From her early years, Krassel has been a model. She has been in ads for well-known companies including Levi’s, Forever 21, and others. With more than 457k Instagram followers, Maisie is already rather popular on social media for her young age.

How much is the Net worth of Maisie De Krassel?

Maisie Dek seems like she has a lot of money based on her lifestyle. What is the net worth of Maisie De Krassel then? The American model, Krassel, hasn’t revealed her net worth to the public, but given her lifestyle and career, she probably has at least $200k, which is comparable to Lyssa Rae Brittain.

Maisie De Krassel flaunting her driving license while sitting in a car.
Maisie De Krassel flaunting her driving license while sitting in a car. Source: Instagram @maisie_dek

Maisie began her career when she was a young girl, and things are going well thus far. Maise Dek makes most of her money from her modeling career. Given her age, the typical pay for a child model in America is approximately $74,000. Furthermore, Maisie’s IMDb biography includes some acting credit.

Krassel makes the most of her wealth by visiting far-off locations and enjoying the luxuries of skiing, vacationing, and other activities. In relation to travel, she own an automobile, though specifics are not yet publicized.

Early Years, Family and Education

Maisie De Krassel, a budding model and actress, was born in the US on April 30, 2007. Maisie is in her mid-teens based on her birthdate. At the age of sixteen, she obtained her driver’s license on March 22, 2023.

Melanie De Krassel, Maisie’s mother, uses social media sites frequently and is similarly engaged with them. Melanie calls herself a Pluviophile on her Instagram account, meaning she likes the sound of rain.

Maisie De Krassel's parents are supportive of her.
Maisie De Krassel’s parents are supportive of her. Source: Instagram @mdek

Krassel has made her mother’s identity public, but her father remains a mystery. Maisie has not yet disclosed the name of her father. Nonetheless, the Heathers star wrote on Instagram that she wanted her father could

Happy Father’s Day to the best dad I could ever ask for. Thank you for taking me on the most amazing trips. I love you so much❤️

It appears that Maise is her parents’ sole child and does not have any siblings. Krassel is fortunate to have a caring and affectionate father and mother. Krassel enjoys herself with her grandfather, Bob Prokopowicz, in a similar manner.

Is Maisie De Krassel Dating?

No, Gina Stiebitz is not Maisie De Krassel’s current partner. She’s enjoying being single and being apart from her loved ones. Krassel has never made any references to or insinuations about dating.

Krassel appears to be completely focused on her modeling career and does not appear to have time for romantic relationships. Even though Maisie Dek is now single, she will undoubtedly enter a committed relationship once she meets her true love.

Professional Career of Maisie De Krassel:

Career in Modeling

Maisie, the actress from Heathers, has been enthralled with the glittering lights of the glamorous world since she was a young child. Krassel began her career as a model, therefore.

Maisie De Krassel and Ella Gross have posed for Forever 21.
Maisie De Krassel and Ella Gross have posed for Forever 21. Source: Instagram

AKA Talent, Sugar Kids, and LA Models Youth are Maisie De Krassel’s representatives. She has appeared in advertisements for a number of companies, such as Calvin Klein, Forever 21, and Levi’s. Acting has become more accessible for Krassel because to her modeling career.

She Played the Role Of Young Veronica In ‘Heathers’

The 2018 television series Heathers is based on the same-titled 1988 movie. It centers on Veronica Sawyer as she makes her way through high school and her friendship with the Heathers, a gang of popular girls.

Grace Victoria Cox portrayed Veronica, the series’ primary character. Maisie De Krassel, on the other hand, played the younger Veronica. In addition to Heathers, Maisie also had a fleeting appearance in both of the same-year series. She portrayed Sophia in I Feel Bad and Young Sandra in For the People.

Ella Gross, Black Pink’s Jennie’s Mini Version, Is Her Friend

Despite not having any siblings, Ella Gross has become a friend and sister to Maisie De Krassel. Ella is a mixed German and Korean woman. Given their remarkable resemblance, Gross is referred to as Black Pink’s Jennie on a smaller scale.

Maisie De Krassel and her friend Ella Gross. Source: Instagram @maisie_dek

Ella’s development has been aided by the well-known K-pop group Black Pink, with whom she is currently associated through Black Label. Photos of Maise and Ella abound on her Instagram. In addition to being modeling partners, the two are the closest of friends. The two have appeared together on several brands.

Is Maisie De Krassel A Pet Lover?

Maise De Krassel does indeed love her pets. Her Instagram account demonstrates her fondness for animals. In relation to that, Maisie Dek has a Sphynx cat.

Maisie De Krassel loves her pet cat.
Maisie De Krassel loves her pet cat. Source: Instagram @maisie_dek

Maisie De Krassel is devoted to her feline. Instagram user @maisie_dek: Kristell enjoys showing off her kitten on the social media platform. The American model posted a picture of her pet online, but she hasn’t revealed its name yet. She previously wrote Little Villanelle.

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