Mariana Guerrero

Mariana Guerrero is an American actress and producer known for her work in movies and TV shows such as Empire State (2013), Compás (2016), and Morir de Amor (2018). She delighted the viewers and the audiences with her roles in each of her films.

Guerrero is regarded as a hard-working actress. She really drives herself to the edge and strives to do her utmost in every video. Despite her hard work, she is often underrated in the acting industry.

10 Things about Mariana Guerrero

1. Mariana Guerrero is an American actress and director popularly known for her role in Empire State (2013), Comás (2016), and Morir de Amor (2018).
2. She’s 36 years old. However, there is no detail about Mariana’s birthday.
3. Mariana’s projected height is 5 foot 6 inches.
4. Since she respects the rights of her parents to privacy, she has not spoken openly about her parents.
5. Speaking about her marriages and affairs, she’s not dating anybody openly as of now. However, she may have kept a low-key friendship with a partner.
6. While Mariana Guerrero is a famous actress, she does not have a Wikipedia bio yet. However, on IMDb, you can read a profile on her name.
7. While Guerrero is expected to make a sustainable salary as an actor, she has not disclosed her net worth.
8. Mariana Guerrero was performing at a very early age and used to attend various shows in her high school.
9. She’s a good producer, too. Since joining the entertainment industry and having a chance to learn how the industry works, her interest in making films increased.
10. Mariana Guerrero is popular on Instagram, where she frequently shares photographs. She’s got 7.8k followers so far.

Facts of Mariana Guerrero

Name Mariana Guerrero
Age 36
Gender Female
Height 5 Feet 6 Inches
Nationality American
Profession Actress
Married/Single Single
Instagram @iammarianaguerrero
Youtube Mariana Guerrero