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In September 1995, a heartbreaking episode occurred in Conroe, where a 12-year-old boy, Samuel McKay Everett, was the victim of a horrible act of kidnapping, torture, and murder done by a man known to the family as “Uncle Hilty.”

Mckay Everett’s Biography & Wikipedia: Kidnapping Case Update

Samuel McKay Everett was a young kid who unfortunately died in September 1995. He was a vibrant, cheery boy who lived in Conroe, Texas. Carl Everett Norman and Paulette Everett Norman were Samuel’s parents.

He was enthusiastic about living an active lifestyle and enjoyed spending time with his pals. Mckay was also highly acknowledged by his professors for his intelligence and academic talents.

Samuel’s life was tragically cut short by a devastating tragedy that resulted in his abduction and subsequent discovery of his corpse near a Louisiana marsh.

Samuel, a lively 12-year-old, lived happily with his parents, Carl and Paulette. (Image Via: The Cinemaholic)

Carl and Paulette had booked a meeting on the tragic evening of September 12, 1995, conveniently placed near their apartment, as part of their membership in the Amway program.

They went on with their plans, confident in their son’s capacity to stay at home alone. Carl even made sporadic phone calls to check on Samuel’s well-being.

However, to their growing alarm, Samuel stopped receiving his parents’ calls midway through the meeting, causing a wave of dread within them.

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The police found it difficult to investigate leads in the early stages of their investigation into Samuel’s kidnapping.

When Carl and Paulette were asked to produce a list of their contacts, they included Hilton Crawford, a fellow Amway program participant, as part of their disclosures.

Meanwhile, the continuous probe led investigators to a woman who worked for one of Hilton’s former companies.

When confronted by authorities, she immediately admitted to making the ransom call on behalf of her former employer. Hilton Crawford was later captured and charged with kidnapping.

Hilton Crawford testified in court that he witnessed Samuel’s murder and stated that R.L. Remington fired the fatal shot.

Despite this, no supporting evidence emerged, leading to Hilton’s conviction for capital murder in 1996 and consequent death sentence.

Samuel McKay Everett Age: How Old Was He At The Time Of Death? 

McKay Everett was born on March 1, 1983, and he was slain in the same year. He died on September 13, 1995, when he was 12 years old. He had his entire life ahead of him in his prime, full with hopes, aspirations, and numerous chances.

Samuel’s potential was tragically cut short, leaving a vacuum in the lives of those who knew and loved him.

At such a young age, he had already proved his intelligence, energy, and joy for life, garnering teachers’ respect and leaving a lasting effect on everyone around him.

Samuel’s death at such a young age serves as a painful reminder of the brevity of life and the devastation that tragedy can inflict on families and communities.

Samuel’s time on Earth was far too short, but his memory will live on and be treasured by those who loved him forever.

How Did Hilton Crawford Pass Away?

Hilton Crawford claimed in court that he was present at the site of Samuel’s murder, but R.L. Remington was the one who drew the trigger. However, no evidence supported this argument, and the suspect was found guilty of capital murder and condemned to death in 1996.

In the years since, Hilton has made numerous attempts to have his conviction overturned and to obtain pardon. But all of his pleas have been denied. As a result, on July 2, 2003, Samuel’s mother, Paulette Everett Norman, witnessed Hilton Crawford’s fatal injection execution in Huntsville, Texas.

The Samuel McKay Everett Foundation is a charitable organization.

For those who are unfamiliar with the tale of McKay Everett, the son of Paulette Everett, a former law enforcement officer kidnapped McKay in 1995 in an attempt to extort a half-million dollars to cover gambling debts. The kidnapping went wrong, and the kidnapper murdered McKay to cover it up.

Children’s Child Safety Programs

Paulette Everett wrote a book called Waltz With Insanity on her bereavement journey and healing. More importantly, she has named this kid safety initiative after her late son. The current curriculum is for the third, fourth. And fifth grades; keep coming back here as the curriculum for younger children will be completed soon.

These learning resources, some free and some at a cost that covers the cost of production, are available to any parent or teacher. And are written from a child’s point of view about how to avoid and exit risky circumstances.