Mercedes Stephenson

Quick Facts about Mercedes Stephenson

Full Name Mercedes Stephenson
Nationality Canadian
Date of Birth 1981/5/4
Birth Country Canada
Birth Place Calgary, Canada
Horoscope Taurus
Ethnicity White
Father Name Keith Stephenson
Sexual Orientation Straight.

Mercedes Stephenson is an individual who devotes her entire career to the belief and establishes a name for herself as a military analyst and a journalist. She believes that the only goal of journalism should be service. Her introduction would be lacking without adding that she is the host of The West Block, a Sunday morning conversation show on Global Television Network.

Stephenson not only became famous with over two decades of tremendous effort, but he also accumulated a huge net worth. Stay with us to learn more about the diva’s earnings, professional trajectory, and personal life.

How much is the net worth of Mercedes Stephenson?

Mercedes Stephenson scarcely has any financial concerns given her employment in the media profession in terms of her income and costs. One might anticipate that the 39-year-old would be extremely wealthy after working so hard for nineteen years in the media industry. By July 2020, Stephenson had amassed a staggering net worth of $500,000.

Mercedes Stephenson has more than enough money, with a six-figure net worth, to live a luxurious lifestyle surrounded by all kinds of modern conveniences. She makes about $60,755 a year as a television host, which is in line with the national average for news anchors, says Payscale. But rather than the money, Mercedes’ commitment to helping the public kept her in the business for so long.


Career Summary for Mercedes Stephenson

The Sunday Morning Talk Show “The West Block” on Global Television Network is presently hosted by Mercedes Stephenson. Although she currently has a steady employment, the 39-year-old worked long hours to get to this point.

Mercedes Stephenson was the parliamentary reporter for CTV News Channel in the past. Source: Global News

You might be shocked to learn how Mercedes Stephenson, then younger, became president of the Society for Military and Strategic Studies. She really held the record for being the youngest military analyst from North America to cover the Iraq War. Additionally, she provided updates while the Canadian Forces were on assignment from Afghanistan.

Stephenson first relocated to Toronto in order to anchor a weekly public affairs TV program, but he eventually went to Ottawa in order to work as the parliamentary reporter for CTV News Channel. The political program “Power Play” was hosted by Mercedes. She was recognized by Maclean’s magazine as one of the 25 Best and Brightest University Stars in recognition of her stellar efforts. She was hired to host a national news program for the Sun News Network as well, but she left the position just before the show’s premiere.

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Life in Low Profile for Mercedes Stephenson and Her Marriage

Mercedes Stephenson likes to maintain a low profile when it comes to her private life, despite the fact that she is very outspoken about her professional life. But we do understand that she is a married woman. The journalist for Global Television and Dan Mader were married in 2015, and they are still very happy together.

Mercedes Stephenson is the wife of Dan Mader. Source: Pinterest

To give you a little information on Mercedes Stephenson, she was born in 1981 in Calgary. She spent her entire childhood in her actual birthplace, where she has many treasured memories. She attended the University of Calgary where she earned her BA in political science. The University of Calgary Centre for Military and Strategic Studies is where she also completed her post-graduate studies. In order to broaden her understanding of the linked topic, the host of Global Television also studied media ethics and economics. She held an internship at The Pentagon and attended the prestigious MIT Center for International Studies as a visiting research student.