Mr Knightowl-Rapper| Net Worth, Age, Height, Ethnicity, Relationship Status, Albums, Career and More

Quick Facts of Mr Knightowl:

Name Mr Knightowl
Full Name Ramon Corona
Nickname Knightowl
Birthday May 13, 1966
Birthplace Tijuana, Mexico
Country Mexico
  • American
  • Mexican
Current City Unknown
Ethnicity Unknown
Gender English
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Instagram Instagram
Language English
Occupation Rapper

Mr. Knightowl, real name Ramon Corona, was born on May 13, 1966, in Tijuana, Mexico. He then immigrated to the United States, becoming a dual citizen of Mexico and America.

What is the net worth of Mr Knightowl?

Mr Knightowl’s net worth currently ranges from $1 million to $6 million.

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Career of Mr Knightowl:

Knightowl began his music career in the late 1980s, starting out as a gangsta rapper. His distinct style and deep, gravelly voice helped him gain a huge following in the underground rap scene. Knightowl’s songs frequently reflected his own experiences growing up in harsh neighborhoods and brushes with gang culture.

In the early 1990s, Mr Knightowl published his debut album, “The Knightowl,” which drew attention and established him as a key player in Chicano rap. The CD displayed his raw and gritty storytelling abilities, drawing attention to his compelling blend of English and Spanish lyrics.


Mr Knightowl released multiple albums throughout the years, gaining a strong fan base in both Mexico and the United States. Some of his significant albums are “The Wicked West,” “Return of the Westsider,” and “Shot Caller.” He collaborated with a number of Chicano rap musicians, strengthening his popularity and effect in the genre.

Mr Knightowl’s music frequently explores themes of street life, violence, and the difficulties encountered by those living in marginalized communities. He utilizes music to express his personal experiences and shed light on the reality of the streets.

Despite experiencing hurdles and problems along the way, Mr Knightowl’s dedication to his craft and passion for music have enabled him to build a successful and long-lasting career. He remains a recognized and prominent presence in the rap world, encouraging future generations of artists with his distinct style and candid narrative.

Physical Measurement:

Mr Knightowl, also known as Ramon Corona, is a 58-year-old artist with a unique physical appearance. He is bald, with a smooth scalp. His beautiful brown eyes are intense and show his enthusiasm for his craft. While the specifics of his physique may differ, Mr Knightowl has frequently been regarded as possessing a strong and commanding demeanor. Although his physical appearance has changed throughout time, his strong stage presence and charm have remained constants, contributing to his compelling performances.

Take Another Hit – song and lyrics by Mr. Knightowl | Spotify


In conclusion, Mr Knightowl, also known as Ramon Corona, is a powerful figure in the rap community. With his distinct style, deep voice, and lyrical narrative, he has had a tremendous impact on the Chicano rap genre. His music reflects his personal experiences growing up in difficult communities and his interactions with gang culture, offering a real and authentic perspective. Mr Knightowl’s attention to his craft and enthusiasm for music have enabled him to maintain a successful career and cultivate a devoted following.