Nadia Stewart

Quick Facts about Nadia Stewart

Full Name Nadia Stewart
Ethnicity Black
Sexual Orientation Straight

Nadia Stewart is the ideal illustration of a strong woman who made a living as a journalist. Stewart makes the career seem easy, but it nevertheless presents many difficulties given the pressure and responsibilities it entails. Without adding that she works as a video journalist for Global News, her introduction would be lacking.

In fact, the affable reporter could be seen working for the network in front and behind the camera. Therefore, continue reading to learn more about the diva’s profession, financial worth, and marital status.

How much is the net worth of Nadia Stewart?

Given her extensive experience working for the network, Nadia Stewart doesn’t need to be concerned about money or income. In particular, as of July 2020, Stewart amasses a staggering net worth of $500,000. The diva has more than enough money in her six figures bank account to live the high life surrounded by all kinds of contemporary amenities.

According to estimates, Stewart makes about $46,329 a year, which is also the typical pay for a video journalist. Her salary is certain to increase further depending on the extra responsibilities she takes on. Similar to this, with age on her side, Nadia’s net worth will soon pass the $1 million threshold. Despite all of that, she never thought that serving the media industry was all about making money.

Journalist Nadia Stewart’s Career

Nadia Stewart was able to establish a reputation for herself thanks to her career and tremendous amount of hard work. She currently works steadily as a video journalist for Global News, but things weren’t always like this. She began her career as a reporter, anchor, and discussion show host at CFMT, which later changed its name to OMNI, before moving on to Roger TV Peel.

Nadia Stewart worked for CBC and CFMT before joining Global News. Source: YouTube

As a news journalist for The Weather Network, Stewart expanded her range of experience. In fact, she has written weather-related casts for a national audience in the past. Additionally, Nadia joined the reputable CBC, where she worked in St. John’s, Calgary, and Edmonton in 2010 as a reporter and anchor. She also worked as an editor and freelance writer for Planet Africa Magazine for six years, as if that weren’t enough.

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How Nadia Stewart Married

Even though Nadia Stewart may be very outspoken about her work, she prefers to keep her romantic life under wraps. She has a husband, but she has never revealed his name till this point in time. On October 14, 2018, the two say their vows to one another. However, the video journalist frequently posts images of herself and her boyfriend on her official Instagram account.

Nadia Stewart tied the knot with her husband in 2018. Source: Instagram

In 2018, Nadia Stewart and her spouse got married. From Instagram In October 2019, the couple took a vacation to Morocco. Despite being happily married for a while, the journalist for Global News appears to be totally focused on her profession right now because she hasn’t yet welcomed any children to begin a family. Regarding her schooling, she is pleased to have been among the University of Guelph-inaugural Humber’s class of 2006 graduates.

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