Naira Ashraf

Naira Ashraf Bio/Wiki, Age, Trivia & Facts

Birth Name Naira Ashraf
Nickname Naira
Date of Birth In 2000
Age (as of 2022) 21 years
Popular for Getting killed by a freaky lover
Language Egyptian
School Local High School
Education Was completing her third year in Faculty Arts
Alma Mater Mansoura University
Profession Student
Nationality Egyptian
Ethnicity Egyptian
Place of Birth Mansoura
Current Residence Al-Mahalla, in Gharbeya governorate

Naira Ashraf, an ordinary Egyptian girl who was born in 2000 and is now 21 years old, is a university student. After she was killed by another student at the same university where she was a student, she recently found herself in discussions and media coverage. It is accurate to say that on June 23, 2022, Naira was viciously murdered by one of her students and died there and then.

What is the net worth of Naira Ashraf?

Naira Ashraf has ana net worth in around $3 million as of 2022.

Naira Ashraf: Who was she?

After her passing, Naira, an Egyptian student, has become a hot topic on the internet. Before she passed away, she turned down a lad named Mohamed Adel’s love proposal. Mohamed is also a student at Mansoura University, where Naira was finishing her degree.

Mohamed Adel stabbed her in the neck outside the university buildings. Naira was killed in full view of the horrified witnesses who tried to remove the man from Naira. Naira Ashraf lost her life after suffering multiple neck stab wounds. A CCTV camera-captured video of her murder that was close by has been exposed online.

Mohamed Adel, a student, is currently being held by police, and they are also looking into 20 other potential witnesses in this homicide. Adel allegedly acknowledged to killing Naira while under investigation, albeit the specifics of the probe have not yet been released to the media.

Early Life & Education

Sharing Naira’s Wikipedia information, her Facebook page reveals that she and her family were residing in Mansoura. We cannot confirm where she was born, but she may have been born and brought to us from Mansoura. Aside from this, she was seeking graduation after finishing high school at one high school in her hometown.At the University of Mansoura, Naira Ashraf was a third-year student. In the Faculty of Arts, Naira was finishing her bachelor’s degree. She had a career as a flight attendant in mind. Other than this, there is little known about her early life.

Family  background

After Naira’s death, her father Ashraf Abdel Qader spoke to the media and revealed how he first learned of his daughter’s murder while buying breakfast. He admitted that learning that his daughter had been murdered by a university student had startled him.

After Naira Ashraf refused Mohamed Adel’s proposal, the police revealed that Mohamed Adel had been harassing Naira’s family and sister ever since. One article claims that Naira’s family held a normal meeting, reported the suspect to the police two months prior, and also asked Adel to refrain from harming them.

In the course of the investigation, thirteen university students have admitted that they witnessed the accused killing Naira Ashraf. Adel has made it quite clear in the inquiry that followed his detention how he planned and then carried out the murder. Adel further disclosed that despite his insistence that Naira be married, she refused and unfollowed him on social media.

What did Naira Ashraf want to do with her career?

A brilliant student at Mansoura University, Naira Ashraf was. Before she passed away, she was enjoying her life. She wanted to become a flight attendant so she could travel the world and experience new locations while working for the world’s top airlines as a flight attendant. Naira Ashraf, who was still young, was about to realize her dream of rising to new heights in life. However, Naira Ashraf’s bizarre lover brutally murdered her. Naira and her family’s lives was wrecked by Adel.

Relationship status

  • Adel Mohamed (L),Source;Instagram

    Her boyfriend Mohamed Adel viciously murdered Naira. At Mansoura University, Mohamed Adel is a third-year student. He made numerous marriage proposals to Naira. But Naira was never on board. He was blocked from all of his social media accounts by Naira Ashraf. And in the end, while she was outside the university premises, weird Mohamed Adel killed her. Adel repeatedly stabbed a knife into her neck before killing her with it. Mohamed Adel is now being held by the police.


    What was said in the TV interview by Naira’s parents?

    During her television interview, Naira’s mother said, “By God, there is no love story between them or any need at all. And she won’t come down,” the culprit said, adding that after doing the study for her, he began to believe she might love him. Naira’s mother continued, “And she replies, ‘What is the dumb family that I think I am looking for, what does he want from me?” the accused wanted the victim to love him.

    And he persisted in pursuing her, telling her that he “makes counts in you, and enters insults against her, posts images of her, and says words of impoliteness, and he enters Alia on Facebook and WhatsApp, on her father and sister, insulting and degrading pictures, and with her friends.” “ Naira Ashraf, the late student’s mother, stated, “She was stationed in Cairo with her sister and was traveling there to take an exam. Please, take her death and let it leave me, let it leave my heart.

    In the interview, Naira’s father stated, “I am stunned by what the accused did to my daughter because people believe that he is one of the top university students. In light of this, a moral dilemma has emerged: “When you love someone, do you marry her or do you kill her?”

    I am still unable to accept what happened because of what the accused allegedly did to my kid. I want to be present when the accused is put to death so that this can serve as a lesson and a caution to anyone who would consider torturing or killing others. In the spot where he murdered my daughter, I want to see him hanged, Ashraf said.

    Naira Ashraf: Interesting Facts

  • Naira, a student at Mansoura University, was only 21 years old.
  • Prior to her passing, Naira Ashraf kept her Facebook profile in private mode.
  • Naira enjoyed having fun.
  • She and her sister Shorouk Ashraf were getting along well.
  • Naira cherished visiting art galleries and museums.

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