Naomi Osaka has announced her pregnancy and hopes to return to the Tennis court.

Naomi Osaka is expecting a child and thinks she may return to tennis next year.

Naomi Osaka announced the news on social media Wednesday afternoon, accompanied with a photo of a sonogram and remarks in both Japanese and English.

“I know that I have so much to look forward to in the future, one thing I’m looking forward to is for my kid to watch one of my matches and tell someone, ‘that’s my mom,’ haha,” Osaka wrote.

Who is Naomi Osaka? What is her age and Profession?

The 25-year-old tennis player rose to notoriety after defeating Serena Williams, one of the game’s most important players, in the 2018 U.S. Open Final.

Osaka’s consecutive triumphs in the Australian Open in 2019, the United States Open in 2020, and the Australian Open in 2021 solidified her place as one of just a few players to ever win their first four Grand Slam championships.

However, after withdrawing from the 2021 French Open, the world’s highest-paid female athlete publicly opened out about her mental health difficulties.

Officials penalized her $15,000 and threatened to remove her from the event when she announced she would not participate in obligatory media appearances.

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After losing in the 2021 U.S. Open, Osaka announced her retirement from tennis for good.

Many athletes publicly commended Osaka for being candid about her mental health difficulties.

“I honestly don’t know when my next tennis match will be,” Osaka told reporters at a press conference. “I’m going to take a break from playing for a bit.”

The news came just days after Osaka announced she would not compete in the 2023 Australian Open.

However, Osaka announced in a social media post that she will compete in the Australian Open in 2024. It will be Osaka’s first appearance on the court since withdrawing from the Toray Pan Pacific Open in Tokyo last September due to sickness.

Osaka also spoke about her time away from the sport. Osaka stated in May that she will be creating her own sports agency. She also wrote and published a children’s book last month.

“The previous few years have been fascinating to say the least, but I think that the most difficult moments in life may be the most enjoyable,” Osaka tweeted on Wednesday, adding that the months-long break had given her “Can’t wait to get back on the court but here’s a little life update for 2023.”

Who is the Boyfriend or Husband of Naomi Osaka?

Since 2019, Osaka has been dating Grammy-nominated rapper Cordae. In a 2021 GQ spread, the two recalled on their years-long friendship, including meeting for the first time at a LA Clippers game.

Naomi Osaka Pregnant, who is the husband?
Grammy Nominated Rapper Cordae Amari Dunston is the husband of tennis Player Naomi Osaka.

“I feel like he actually really helped me win simply, like, keeping up the motivation,” Osaka told the magazine of the support he provided her when she was quarantined for the 2020 U.S. Open.

On Wednesday, Osaka closed her statement by adding, “I don’t think there’s a completely correct road to pursue in life, but I’ve always felt that if you move forward with good intentions, you’ll eventually find your way.”

Naomi Osaka has Son or Daughter?

As per the news, Naomi just announced her pregnancy with showing the x-ray on her twitter account. So there is no any Clues about the Naomi’s have boy or girl in her belly. Although we will defiantly update, as soon as possible, until then please keep in touch.