Neuza Back Net Worth, Height, Age, Relationship, Wiki!


  • Father: Guerino Back

  • First Name: Neuza

  • Mother: Carmelita Back

  • Last Name: Back

  • Birth Name: Neuza Ines Back

  • Net Worth: $50,000

  • Siblings: Andre Luiz

  • Birth Country: Brazil

Brazilian assistant football official Neuza Back officiates games. One of the six female arbitrators for the FIFA World Cup 2022 is she. In the World Cup match between Germany and Costa Rica in Qatar, Back is competing in her first duel.

Back is also a member of the FPF, CBF, and CONMEBOL referee teams. Due to her participation in more than 100 Brazilian Serie A Championship games, Back is regarded as one of the top assistant referees in Brazilian football. She has also participated in the Copa Libertadores and the Copa do Brasil. Back teaches physical education as well.

What is the Net Worth of Neuza Back?

Football refereeing is how Neuza, a referee from Brazil, makes the most of her money. She has participated in numerous games and has been active in this field for a long time. Therefore, it is evident that Back has kept a respectable fortune. Her potential net worth is thought to be $50,000 or so.

Now that Back will be competing at the World Cup 2022, her reported match fee is €2,500. She has extensive knowledge of high-level competition officiating. So it might assist her in making more money. The average annual compensation for a soccer referee is $38,314.

She also works as a physical instructor, a position for which she is reportedly paid about $72,440 year. Back has a respectable fortune and leads an excellent life. Back spends her free time traveling and documenting her experiences on her Instagram feed.

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Who is the spouse of Neuza Back?

Referee Neuza Back looks to be wed to her husband, but the specifics of their union are unknown to the general public. Back has made it known that she is a private person by never discussing much of her private life in the media up until this point.

But Back has provided some information about her family life on her Instagram feed. She shared a video in February 2017 in which a man and a child could be seen. She even suggested in her caption that the man might be her husband. Similarly, Back uploaded some videos of children; in the majority of them, we can see her, along with her godchild.

This indicates that Back is wedded to her husband and that she likes to lead a quiet life. We may follow her on Instagram to learn more about her personal and business life.


At the time that Neuza was studying physical education, her brother invited her to a party. She then started her career as a referee. Back first worked as an amateur game referee. After a while, she took part in the Santa Catarina Football Federation’s yearly review.

She also joined the Federation in 2006. Later in 2007, she was invited by the Santa Catarina Football Federation to participate in the Brazilian Football Confederation’s study of the first female cadre’s makeup. Despite passing the exam, she was not selected for the board.

Neuza finally made his professional football debut in 2008. The same year, Neuza was invited once more to participate in the evaluation for the female staff of the Brazilian Football Confederation. Her career at CBF began in 2009, when she made her professional debut in a Serie C game. She was performing at the national competition as well.

2018’s CONMEBOL Libertadores Feminina featured Neuza as well. Neuza participated in the first leg of the Copa do Brasil final in the year 2019. Later, she took part in both the semifinal and championship matches of the Women’s Football World Cup. She made her debut in a men’s international game between Penarol and Velez Sarsfield in 2020.

Neuza Back  formed the first trio of women in an adult FIFA men’s competition in 2021 together with Edina Alves. She served as a referee in the Olympics in Tokyo. She was chosen to serve as an assistant at the Qatar World Cup in November 2022. Neuza will now represent Brazil and women at the World Cup for men. Another French soccer referee at the 2022 World Cup is Stephanie Frappart.

Age and family of Neuza Back?

Neuza Ines Back was born in 1984 in Saudades, SC, Brazil. Every year on August 11, the Brazilian referee blows out her birthday candle. Additionally, Back is a citizen of Brazil. Back’s parents, Guerino Back (father) and Carmelita Back, were both devoted to raising her (mother).

Like her brother Andre Luiz, Neuza grew up in Brazil. Her brother has also given her a ton of encouragement to take up this activity. Back furthermore holds a degree in physical education. She thus also works at Jundiai as a physical instructor.

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Social Meida

Referee Neuza is a frequent user of social media, primarily Instagram. Her Instagram account is @neuzaback. In October 2016, Neuza published her first message on Instagram. Since then, Neuza has used the site to publish frequently.

Neuza posts updates on her professional life, including games and activities, on her Instagram account. In addition, we can learn additional specifics about her lifestyle.