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Full name Nickolas Wilt
Age (as of 2023) 26 years old.
Profession Police Officer.
Birth date 1996.
Birthplace Buckner, Kentucky, United States
Lives In Louisville, Kentucky, United States.
Education Graduate.
Alma mater Oldham County High School.
Relationship Status Committed.
Girlfriend / Partner Maddie.
Wife Will Update.
Children N/A.
Parents Father– Mr. Ray Wilt.
Mother– Mrs. Wilt.
Siblings Brother– Alex Wilt.
Sisters– N/A.
Ethnicity Mixed.
Religion Christianity
Nationality American.
Net worth (approx.) $200K (as of 2023)
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26-year-old Louisville Metro Police Department officer Nickolas Wilt recently made news after getting seriously hurt on April 10, 2023, during a shootout at a bank. On March 31, 2023, Officer Wilt had just graduated from the police academy and had just recently started working when the sad tragedy took place.

He had brain surgery after being shot in the head, and his condition was listed as critical. Officer Wilt displayed great bravery when he was one of the law enforcement personnel who reacted to the active shooter scenario and ran toward the bullets to defend others.

How much is the Salary and Net Worth of Nickolas Wilt ?

Nickolas Wilt is qualified for a wage and benefits package provided by the Louisville Police Department as a police officer. Police officer pay can vary depending on a number of variables, including experience, rank, and region. It is significant to remember that a police officer’s pay and benefits are governed by the rules and guidelines of the department and jurisdiction in which they work. He is thought to be worth about $200,000.

Who is Nickolas Wilt?

Nickolas Wilt, a 26-year-old policeman with the Louisville Metro Police Department, is a member of the force. Ten days before he was wounded in the head while reacting to a bank shooting that left multiple people dead, he had just graduated from the police school. After the event, Wilt underwent brain surgery and was in a critical but stable condition.

He formerly served as an EMT and fireman for Oldham County Emergency Medical Services, La Grange Fire Department, Oldham dispatch, and Henry County EMS before joining the police department in October 2022. In a statement regarding the event, Louisville Mayor Craig Greenberg highlighted that Wilt’s brother is also pursuing a career in law enforcement.

Childhood, Early Age and Education

In Louisville, Kentucky, Nickolas Wilt, a police officer of the Louisville Metro Police Department, is 26 years old. He had only joined the force a little over two weeks before to being hurt in a bank shooting on April 10, 2023, having only graduated from the police academy on March 31, 2023.

Nickolas was reportedly born in 1996 in Buckner, Kentucky, according to various media accounts. He practices Christianity as his religion. Nickolas is reported to be 26 years old as of 2023. At the moment, he resides in Louisville, Kentucky, in the United States. Nickolas reportedly attended Oldham County High School, per media sources.

Siblings and Parents

There is no information about Nickolas Wilt’s parents or siblings, according to the search results. The police officer Nickolas Wilt, who was shot in the head during a shooting spree in Louisville, Kentucky, is the main subject of the search results. He had just been on the force for 10 days at the time of the event, having just completed the Louisville Metro Police Academy. None of the sources make any mention of his parents or siblings.

Physical Appearance

Weight Kg: 74.8.
Pounds: 164.9 lbs.
Height In feet: 5′ 10″.
In meters: 1.77 m.
Eyes Brown.
Hair Brown.

Career in Louisville Police

A 26-year-old police officer named Nickolas Wilt has recently joined the Louisville Metro Police Department. On March 31, 2023, he received his police academy diploma and was sworn in as an officer in front of his family, who had come to see him on his way to become a police officer. Unfortunately, Officer Wilt was fatally wounded on April 10, 2023, while reacting to a mass shooting at a bank, only 10 days after receiving his police academy diploma.

What Happened to Nickolas Wilt?

On April 10, 2023, Nickolas Wilt was shot in the head while reacting to a bank shooting. He was rushed to the hospital, where his injuries were treated with brain surgery. Officer Wilt has been hailed as a hero in the midst of the gun violence problem in America for his courageous actions in sprinting toward the bullets to stop the shooter. At the time of the incident, he was working his fourth shift as a police officer.

Officer Wilt’s actions during the mass shooting were deemed brave by the Louisville Metro Police Department because he raced toward the gunfire to shield others. The search results may not contain information about Officer Wilt’s current health or the state of his career with the Louisville Metro Police Department following the incident since the data may not be current or may have been subject to change.

Louisville Bank Shooting Explained

The term “Louisville bank shooting” alludes to a catastrophic incident that took place at the Old National Bank in Louisville, Kentucky, on April 10, 2023. Six people were killed and eight others were hurt when the perpetrator, Connor Sturgeon, an employee of the bank, opened fire during a morning meeting. Sturgeon legally bought an AR-15 gun from a dealer in Louisville on April 4, 2023, and used it to commit the shooting. Three police officers were hurt while reacting to the event, and Sturgeon was subsequently discovered dead at the scene.

The victims of the bank shooting in Louisville included bank employees, as well as a “incredible friend,” a cherished parishioner, and a “huge fan and supporter” of the neighborhood. According to reports, the incident was a horrific and needless act of violence that affected the Louisville neighborhood and beyond.

The shooting occurred on April 10, 2023, at approximately 8:53 a.m. The reason behind Sturgeon’s conduct is still unknown. Less than a week prior to the incident, it was discovered that Sturgeon had lawfully acquired the firearm used in the shooting. Sturgeon had also been labeled “suicidal” by authorities. Discussions concerning gun control and mental health awareness have been prompted by the occurrence.

In the wake of the bank shooting in Louisville, the city and its residents are mourning the victims’ deaths and coping with the tragedy’s emotional and physical toll. Additional information may become available when the situation changes as a result of the continuing investigation into the occurrence.

Relationship & Girlfriend

We conducted extensive research and discovered that Officer Nickolas Wilt, a police officer with the Louisville Metro Police Department, is said to be dating a woman named Maddie. According to a Yahoo News article, Maddie and Wilt allegedly met while working at Oldham County EMS.

Nickolas with his girlfriend Maddie

However, the search results offered contain no additional information on their relationship. It is vital to remember that people’s privacy, including information about their relationships, should be protected and not shared without their permission.

Interesting Facts About Nickolas Wilt

  • Nickolas Wilt is a 26-year-old police officer who recently graduated from the police academy just 11 days before being shot in the head while responding to a mass shooting in Louisville, Kentucky
  • Officer Wilt joined the Louisville Metro Police Department after graduating from the police academy on March 31, 2023.
  • Wilt’s family was present to witness his swearing-in ceremony as a police officer.
  • Wilt was critically injured during a mass shooting that took place at an Old National Bank location on Main Street in Louisville, Kentucky.
  • The mass shooting incident in which Officer Wilt was injured occurred on April 10, 2023, and resulted in four people being killed, including the shooter.
  • Nickolas Wilt was described as one of the officers who ran toward the gunfire inside the bank to save lives during the mass shooting incident.
  • Wilt underwent brain surgery and was reported to be in stable condition as of April 10, 2023.
  • Nickolas Wilt had only been on the job for a short period of time before being injured, as he had just graduated from the police academy and had been with the department for less than two weeks.
  • His injury has drawn attention to the dangers and risks faced by police officers in the line of duty.