Paul Cattermole – English Singer & Actor died naturally | Age, Bio, Wiki, Career, News, Death Cause, Date and Facts

Paul Cattermole was a well-known English singer and actor who worked in the entertainment industry for a long period. He garnered most of his fame as a member of the boy band S Club 7.

Paul Cattermole joined S Club 7 in 1998 and stayed until 2002. Cattermole was a well-known musician as well as an actor, appearing in films such as The Greatest Store in the World, Miami 7, and Back to the 1950s.

Cattermole developed a huge fan base as a result of his performances on several television shows, including S Club Search, Loose Women, The One Show, and First Dates.

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Paul Cattermole Suicide Hoax Debunked : He Died Naturally

Paul Cattermole died on April 6, 2023, in Dorset, England, at the age of 46. S Club 7’s manager instantly issued a statement to relay the awful news.
Furthermore, the statement confirmed that no suspicious conditions existed.

Despite announcing his death, no official initially divulged the reason of death; nevertheless, it was recently revealed that he died of natural causes.

Following his death, a coroner’s spokeswoman stated;

“We confirm that Mr Cattermole died from natural causes, and our investigations have concluded. As his death was from natural causes, there will be no inquest.”

Paul Cattermole's Suicide case
Paul Cattermole died at the age of 46, but no cause of death has been disclosed. (From The Guardian)

Although many social media users assumed that Cattermole committed suicide or was murdered, it was recently revealed that he died naturally.

What Happened To Paul Cattermole? Health Issues

Paul Cattermole, a S Club 7 member, died on April 6, 2023, at the age of 46. At the time of his death, Paul had no recognized ailments or diseases. As a result, his death was not caused by medical concerns.

According to several websites, Paul suffered from depression. He also revealed his battle with depression in various interviews.

Paul Cattermole's band
Following Paul Cattermole’s untimely death, O’Meara paid tribute to him. (Source: BBC)

Paul once told the SUN that he needed surgery and said as a result, he was in financial trouble. As a result, he may have suffered from depression.

Was S Club 7 Star, Paul Cattermole A Drugs Addict?

As previously said, Paul Cattermole’s unexpected death triggered several web rumors, although no media outlet has confirmed it. Following his death, there was rumors that he attempted suicide before dying.

Paul was discovered comatose at his Dorset home on April 6, 2023. He was later pronounced dead. A Twitter account also confirmed the news, paid tribute to the late singer, and extended condolences to the family.

Paul's Death Causes
A Twitter user speculated that Paul Cattermole died as a result of a stroke or heart attack. (Source: Twitter)

Many others commented on Paul’s death in the same thread. “Bet it a stroke or heart attack,” one Twitter user speculated. Everyone that had the 3/4 jabs. There are far too many people who believe it is not linked.”

The Twitter user speculated that Paul died as a result of a stroke or heart attack. Similarly, another theory about Paul’s death is that he was addicted to drugs, but this is equally untrue because officials have not revealed the truth.