Peter Hamby

Peter Hamby is a voguish American political writer. He’s the new host of the Good Luck America program that airs on Snapchat. He is also a frequent writer devoted to Vanity Fair.

Peter started his career as a journalist when he was assigned to CNN as a political correspondent in 2005. During his CNN years, he also covered presidential elections and numerous political campaigns for Mitt Romney, Hillary Clinton, and Sarah Palin.

10 things to remember about Peter Hamby

1. Peter Hamby was born in Lynbrook, New York, on August 21, 1981. He surpassed the age of 39 as of 2020.
2. He grew up in Richmond, Virginia, where he finished his high school at Douglas S. Freeman.
3. He is the son of Emmy’s award-winning film authors and creators. His father William and his mother Tressa Hamby are also in the TV business.
4. Peter is also a well-known journalist. He won Emmy for his CNN election coverage and got Edward R. Murrow for his coverage of Snapchat.
5. He finished his undergraduate degree at Georgetown University. And, in 2004, he earned his Master’s degree in Journalism from New York University.
6. He is yet to present any insight into his personal life. As of now, he hasn’t stated whether he has a partner.
7. In 2017, he also featured on The 35 Most Influential Figures in New York Newspapers. He was described as a rare newsman with a talent to reach young consumers.
8. You can also read a devoted biography of Peter on his Wikipedia page.
9. As reported on this blog, Peter has an annual income of $44,298 year for his tenure in Good Luck America. However, there is also no true knowledge on his net worth.
10. It’s official and it’s checked on Twitter. You will find his username on the @PeterHamby handle.

Facts of Peter Hamby

Name Peter Hamby
Birthday August 21, 1981
Age 39-Year-Old
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Political Journalist
Parents William and Tressa Hamby
Salary $44,298
Twitter @PeterHamby