Peter Paul Loughran

Peter Paul Loughran is a musician, photographer, and hairstylist from Ireland. He is also known for being the ex-husband of English actress Lena Headey.

What is the Net Worth of Peter Paul Loughran?

As a multi-talented man, Peter Paul Loughran surely makes a fair life. He has a net worth of roughly $600,000 USD as of 2022.

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Paul Loughran is a photographer as well as a hairstylist. Apart from London and Ireland, his organization Peter Paul Inc. was spread to other places in order to provide opportunities for many outstanding artists from the general public. Despite his achievements, Peter is most known for his connection with actress Lena Headey.

When was Peter Paul Loughran born, and where did he grow up?

Peter Paul Loughran was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, on July 7, 1969. He is of Northern Irish ancestry. His ethnicity is unknown because his parents’ identities are unknown. Paul Loughran finished a broad course in Business Administration and Management at St. Aloysius College.

Is Peter Paul Loughran dating someone?

Peter Paul Loughran was married to Lena Headey, an actress. His wife is most recognized for her role as Daenerys Targaryen in HBO’s smash show Game of Thrones.

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In 2007, during a friend’s wedding, Loughran met and danced with his ex-wife for the first time. According to Lena, it was love at first sight, and she was quite serious from the start. The couple eventually married on May 19, 2007. On March 31, 2010, the couple welcomed their son, Wylie Elliot Loughran. The couple split up a year later, and Headey filed for divorce on July 20, 2012.

Their divorce was formalized in Los Angeles County Superior Court on December 26, 2013. Irreconcilable conflicts were cited as the basis for their split.

The Fight for Child Custody

In September 2016, Peter and his former wife Lena had an acrimonious custody dispute for their only child. According to the legal documents he had, the Game of Throne actress committed to return their kid, Wylie, from the United Kingdom as soon as the show’s filming was over.

Headey’s deadline was September 5, 2016, according to the newspaper, however she broke the conditions of the agreement by keeping their son after the date had passed. Following that, Lena revealed that her photographer ex-husband claimed to have agreed to let the child live with his mother.

The acrimonious custody dispute returned to court, and it was revealed that Lena had previously appeared in court, referencing Loughran’s previous driving difficulties. She even published a photo of him posing with an AK-47 on social media.

The court then dismissed his request to take the child on a holiday trip to Ireland. However, there is no information about an acrimonious custody struggle.

Scandals of Peter Paul Loughran

Years after Peter and Headey’s divorce, it was revealed in September 2016 that Peter Paul Loughran was immersed in an unpleasant custody dispute with his ex-wife Lena Headey over the custody of their only child, Wylie. According to the legal paperwork he received, Headey had committed to return their son from the United Kingdom. Then, just after the filming for her show ‘Game of Thrones’ was due to be completed.

According to the report, her deadline for returning the child to her was September 5, 2016. But Heady had breached their arrangement by keeping the youngster with her after the time had gone. Headey, on the other hand, alleged that Peter claimed to have let the youngster live in the UK with his mother.

As the dispute returned to court, it was learned that she had previously gone to court, alleging his previous driving concerns. Then he was forced to download an app that would prevent him from texting and driving. She had also shown him a social media photo in which he was posing with an AK-47 and had successfully denied him the ability to take the youngster on a holiday trip to his native Ireland.

How tall is Peter Paul Loughran?

Peter is a gorgeous and intriguing young man. He stands 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs 70 kg. Other details concerning his physical characteristics are similarly lacking. He does, however, appear lovely with his blue eyes and blonde hair. He has a wonderful and enticing personality.

Career path of Peter Paul Loughran

  • Peter worked as a hairdresser in the United Kingdom for a decade before moving to the United States. Later, in Los Angeles, he developed and is the Creative Director of ‘Peter Paul Hair.’
  • He is also the founder and CEO of ‘Peter Paul Inc.,’ through which he produces “an exclusive magazine for nobodies.” He began writing and recording songs for the ‘Anchor Jack’ project with a “very creative team” in February 2015.
  • Peter worked as a hairstylist for a decade in the United Kingdom before coming to Los Angeles, California, in 2007. He was overwhelmed by the city’s “quality and quantity” of gorgeous people who were obviously concerned with their looks, despite being a “stylish Irish youngster.”
  • He took advantage of the opportunity to establish himself as a renowned hairstylist in the area, founding Peter Paul Hair in 2011.
  • At the same time, he provided clients with online consultations through his website, In addition, he expanded his photography business, Peter Paul Inc., to the city, in addition to London and Ireland. As a result, in order to tap into “untapped sources of Artist potential” among the general population.
  • Despite his many accomplishments, most people remember him for his relationship with Lena Headey, who played Daenerys Targaryen in the HBO series “Game of Thrones.” He has gotten BAFTA and Soap Award nominations in terms of honours and nominations.

Facts of Peter Paul Loughran

 Date of Birth: 1969 , July-7
 Age: 53 years old
 Birth Nation: Ireland
Name Peter Paul Loughran
Nationality Irish
Birth Place/City Belfast, Northern Ireland
Profession Hair stylist, musician, photographer
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Blonde
Face Color Fair
Married Yes
Married to Lena Headey (ex-wife)
Children Wylie Elliot Loughran
Divorce Yes
Education St. Aloysius College