Quincy Carrier

Quick Facts

Name Quincy Carrier
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Actor
Instagram @worst_take
Twitter @Kwen_C
Youtube Quincy Carrier
Facebook @OfficialQuincyCarrier

Quincy Carrier is an actress, director, and author. He has established himself as a very good actor, writer, and director in the competitive entertainment industry. Apart from doing these works, he still finds himself working as a filmmaker and writer.

‘Crossroads (Brothers)’ and College or the Very Planned Virtue of Ignorance are two of his ventures where he is seen as a writer, director, filmmaker and editor. Whereas at Crossroads (Brothers) he is also seen playing the character of Matt Chandler. Quincy Carrier is often seen to function as a producer at the College or the Very Anticipated Virtue of Ignorance.

His other actor projects are ‘Room 048 (as John),’ ‘Bridges Burned, Tables Turnt (as Kirby ‘Curve’ Sparks)’ and ‘Still & 4Ever (as Forensic Officer)’ While he’s only been in the business for 3-4 years, he’s already a well-known brand he’s made with his passion and commitment.

10 Facts of the Quincy Carrier:

  1. Quincy Carrier’s age is not known, but he’s probably in his late thirties.
  2. His height, weight, and other body dimensions are still under investigation and the details will soon be available.
  3. @worst take is the Instagram account that he uses and has earned almost 535 followers.
  4. The approximate net worth of Quincy is currently under study.
  5. We will find much of his information on IMDb since there is no Wikipedia entry for him yet.
  6. We don’t know if he’s a friend of mine because there were no posts about his partner on his numerous social media sites.
  7. Quincy Carrier is an actor who has starred in several famous movies and television shows such as ‘College or the Most Expected Virtue of Stupidity,’ ‘Crossroads,’ ‘Still & 4Ever,’ etc.
  8. Apart from being just an actress, he appears to be very interested in baseball, and he also runs his own talk show on his official YouTube page.
  9. Besides Instagram and YouTube, we can even find it on Facebook and Twitter.
  10. Quincy is originally from Cleveland, Ohio, so we should call him an American.

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