Rachel Bagwell

Rachel Bagwell, who rose to fame through her marriage, is best known for being the spouse of former first baseman Jeff Bagwell. On December 20, 1978, Rachel was born in the United States.

Rachel was known as Rachel Brown before she wed Jeff. She is a citizen of the USA. But her family history, early years, and educational background are still unknown.

What Is Rachel Bagwell’s Net Worth?

Although Rachel Bagwell frequently appears in public, she and her husband Jeff have kept some aspects of their lives hidden, including her occupation.

Her occupation, the source of her income, and her net worth are all hidden. The Astros star Jeff Bagwell, however, is her husband and shares Chuck Norris$70 million fortune.

Jeff Bagwell and Rachel Bagwell. Source: CultureMap Houston

Being the best player in baseball history, he was able to earn a sizable sum with an annual salary of about $5 million. He continued to coach the team even after he stopped playing, doing so from the sidelines.

Her Abusive Marriage With Michael Brown

Rachel Bagwell previously wed Michael Brown before meeting Jeff Bagwell. Popular hand surgeon Dr. Brown founded the Brown Hand Center and served as its owner. In addition to acting in many commercials, he previously worked in the Greater Houston area.

Rachel Bagwell with her former husband Dr. Michael Brown. Source: chron

While Dr. Brown had already been married four times, this was Rachel’s first marriage. Dr. Brown was accused of abuse and of throwing a humanitarian award when Rachel filed for divorce in 2011.

This also occurred with Dr. Brown’s previous partner. The Texas Medical Board sentenced him to probation after he was found guilty of beating his third wife in 2002 while she was seven months pregnant. Additionally, the probation was imposed due to “concerns he had an alcohol or drug dependency.”

Current Wife of Jeff Bagwell

Jeff Bagwell, a former baseball player and coach, and Rachel Bagwell are happily married. On August 1st, 2014, the couple exchanged their vows of love. Since then, they have been pursuing a happy life as a couple.

Jeff Bagwell and Rachel Bagwell. Source: papercitymagazine

According to rumors, Jeff and Rachel began dating after they first met in 2011. Both individuals were still living together with their previous partners at the time. But they were no longer together with their former partners.

Suicide Attempt & Death of Michael Bagwell

On October 29, 2013, Mr. Brown’s unconscious body was discovered in his Miami Beach home. Sources claim that he was discovered with a suicide note. One day prior to the start of his federal prison term for choking an airline attendant, he committed suicide.

Dr. MIchael Brown. Source: Chron

According to Dr. Brown’s attorneys, he had a cardiac arrest and was taken to Miami Heart Institute and Mount Sinai Medical Center. On November 7, his brain death was pronounced. Then, according to his lawyer, his life support was turned off, and the next day he passed away.

The Court Rejected Rachel’s Request For The Compensation

Despite the separation, Rachel continued to reside in Brown’s million-dollar mansion in the Memorial area, where she also had access to a Mercedes-Benz, a Hummer, a Lamborghini, a Maserati, and a limousine.

Rachel was compelled to vacate the foreclosed property after Dr. Brown passed away because he had already declared bankruptcy. When Dr. Brown passed away, the divorce proceedings were still ongoing. As a result, Rachel sought payment from the Florida court as the surgeon’s widow.

As a result, Rachel asked the Texas court for $50,000 as compensation for having to leave Dr. Brown’s home. The federal court, however, turned down her appeal.

Previous Marriages of Jeff

Before he married Rachel Brown, the renowned baseball coach had already been married twice. The former coach wed Shaune Bagwell, a well-known American fashion model, in their first union.

The wedding took place on November 14, 1992. The hot couple, who had been dating for four years, decided to call it quits and filed for divorce on July 2, 1996.

First wife of Jeff Bagwell, Shaune Bagwell. Source: Zimbio

Following his split from Shaune, Jeff met Ericka Rodriguez. The two appeared to fall in love with one another and begin dating. Finally, on October 26, 1997, they were united in marriage and welcomed Blake and Bryce Bagwell into the world.

Despite spending fifteen years together, the couple divorced in 2012. They had lost love. The couple’s marital status was kept a secret, so the public was unaware of the couple’s relationship status over the years.

eff Bagwell and Ericka Rodriguez with their children. Source: playerswiki 

Short Facts About Jeff Bagwell’s Career

Baseball player Jeff Bagwell was well-known for setting numerous records. He was four times chosen for the MLB All-Star Team over the course of his career. But he was a Houston Astros fan for the duration of his entire 15-year Major League Baseball playing career.

Jeff Bagwell. Source: HoustonChronicle

Jeff won the National League Rookie of the Year honor in 1991. In 1994, he was also named the National League’s Most Valuable Player. In 2017, he received his induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame. He is referred to as the G.O.A.T. by baseball fans.

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Parents To Five Children

Jeff Bagwell and Rachel Bagwell have not yet given birth to a child. Nevertheless, they have already given birth to a total of five kids.

Rachel’s previous union with Michael Brown produced three children. Her children with Michael’s identities are hidden and kept private. Blake Bagwell and Bryce Bagwell are two of Jeff’s children from his marriage to Erica Rodriguez.

Has Rachel ever used Instagram?

Despite being the wife of one of the most renowned and admired baseball players in history, Rachel Bagwell doesn’t seem to enjoy the spotlight.

We’ve discovered that she avoids using Instagram and all other social media platforms. However, her name appears on a lot of fake accounts.