Rampage Jackson

Quinton Ramone Jackson, a.k.a. Rampage Jackson, is a mixed martial artist, actor, and former professional wrestler from the United States.Jackson, who is widely known as “Rampage” because to his ferocious fighting style, has also competed in kickboxing. He has a 38-fight winning streak in mixed martial arts.

Jackson competed in the majority of his bouts in Japan. Because he was impoverished at the time, Japan’s pride organization advertised him.

Jackson transformed himself from rags to riches. He was homeless at the outset of his career, but Rampage has since become wealthy.Jackson has established himself as a television celebrity after appearing in over 40 films and television serials. He prefers, though, to refer to himself as an MMA fighter.

Salary and net worth

Rampage Jackson has annual salary is $300,000. He recently inked a deal with Bellator MMA, which promotes him as an experienced fighter.

Jackson’s net worth is $12 million when his overall earnings are added together.

Jackson enjoys a wonderful life with his children. He earns a good living and invests it in his children.

He also gets a lot of money by promoting brands. Jackson serves as an ambassador for the well-known company Nike.

Rampage also earns a living as an actor. Jackson grew up as a homeless youngster, but he has accomplished a great deal since then. He has a plethora of revenue streams.

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Early Childhood Development, Parents, and Education

Jackson was born in Memphis, Tennessee, on June 20, 1978. Charles Jackson, his father, and his mother are from a working-class household. They formerly operated a modest business.Additionally, Jackson has a sister who resides in the United States. However, he is adamant about not disclosing her identity. Until recently, no one has noticed her.

Jackson endured a difficult upbringing. When he was ten years old, he ran away from home. Jackson occasionally regrets his choice. However, in order to forget his past, he now supports his family.

However, little information is available regarding his father and mother. They are currently live in California with Jackson.


Jackson returned home after a seven-year absence. Following that, he enrolled in Raleigh-Egypt High School to finish his studies.

Rampage acquired an interest in wrestling during his high school years. Jackson entered combat sports in order to pursue a career as an amateur wrestler.

Quinton Jackson transferred to Lassen Community College to continue his education. He studied and practiced wrestling with his college classmates.

Rampage Jackson | Professional Career

Rampage began his profession in high school. His intense passion in wrestling drew him to several competitions.

Jacob Noe, his high school coach, prepared him for amateur wrestling. Noe is a Bellator professional light heavyweight champion.

Jackson joined the college wrestling team after participating in high school. There, he competed against a variety of colleagues. However, the college dismissed him due to disagreements with a teammate.

Rampage relocated to Las Vegas in the aftermath of the tragedy. At the time, he was impoverished. Jackson chose to train Bellator MMA fighter Lewis Rumble as a result.

Career Opportunities

Jackson began his professional career by competing in cage matches. He compiled a respectable record of ten victories and one defeat.

He had competed in King of the Cage bouts. Jackson earned his first shot at an MMA title throughout the competition.

After a few victories, experienced trainers apprehended him. He was recruited to compete in the kickboxing games by Japan’s pride organization. Jackson squared up against a slew of professional Japanese boxers.

The pride organization covered his expenses and subsidized his participation in the matches. Jackson was lucky in that he did not consider performing for free in Japan.

In Pride 17, he defeated Yuki Ishikawa in his first knockout match. Additionally, Jackson was unable to retain his championship during Pride 17. He was defeated in his match with Dajiro Matsui.

Despite this defeat, Jackson rebounded to win several kickboxing contests. He defeated world-renowned kickboxers Masaaki Satake, Igor Vovchanchyn, and Kevin Randleman.

Rampage’s final pride match was against Hirotaka Yokoi. He was declared the winner of that bout by a unanimous judgment of the referee.

Between Pride 15 and Pride 31, Jackson participated in a large number of matches that were not recorded in the database.

Career in the UFC

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Jackson made the decision to join the UFC in 2006. However, he was unable to play due to legal disputes over his contract. However, the matter was resolved in 2007, and Jackson made his UFC debut at UFC 67.

Rampage defeated Marvin Eastman in his UFC debut. Jackson stated in an ESPN interview that he was delighted to avenge Marvin in the UFC.

Additionally, Quinton Jackson competed in UFC 67’s group stage. However, he encountered setbacks. As a result, he was eliminated from the championship. Rampage defeated Chuck Liddell and Dan Henderson to claim his first UFC title in May 2007.

Rampage has since fought in 52 UFC bouts. He has won 28 matches and lost 14. His UFC career has been fruitful because to the multiple titles he has won, including Fighter of the Year.

Career in Wrestling

Jackson chose to leave the UFC and pursue his ambition of becoming a wrestler. He joined with TNA, a professional wrestling organization.

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Rampage competed in TNA’s Impact Wrestling program for one year. He was not a strong wrestler.

Jackson opted to terminate his employment after an altercation with the program’s director. He chose to retire from wrestling. It astounded his fans.

Career in Acting

Jackson made his acting debut in 2001. He was invited to appear in a cameo role in the television series Jackass, a comedy-reality show. Quinton made his television debut in Jackass.

Rampage has appeared in more than forty feature films and television episodes. Jackson is most known for his role as B.A. Baracus in The A-Team. This film stars some of Hollywood’s most recognizable performers, including Liam Nesson and Bradley Cooper.

Additionally, he has been on the popular adult television show The Cleveland Show. Despite this, Jackson has appeared in a number of films as a cameo.

Wife, Children, and Private Life

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He was in a relationship with a Japanese girl while battling for pride in Japan. The couple chose to marry after a year of dating. Rampage Jackson married Yuki Jackson, a Japanese citizen, in 2002.

Darnell, Elijah, and Naname Jackson are the couple’s three children. They were having a nice existence until Rampage’s identity was discovered.

According to reports, Jackson fathered a child with another lady around 2000. It was established by a paternity test that Raja was his biological son.

Yuki chose to end her relationship with Jackson following that occurrence. In 2006, the couple divorced.

Yuki and Jackson now meet as excellent friends. They are occasionally sighted together in his home.

Rampage Jackson | Disagreements

Rampage has been embroiled in numerous issues during his life. Since his youth, he has committed numerous wrongdoings that have tarnished his image.

Jackson purposefully ran into a cage reporter in 2009 and beat him. Additionally, he terrified his fans, who were seated in the seats. Rampage was penalized in connection with the event.

He did not, however, abstain from wrongdoing. Jackson is accused of using obscene language at sports writer Karyn Bryant.

Additionally, he attempted to assault Bryant. Jackson also appeared in a misogynistic film in which he encourages women to be sneaked up on with chloroform in a parking lot.

This is not the end. Jackson’s controversy list is lengthy. He was arrested for careless driving in connection with a hit-and-run incident.

He struck a pregnant woman by accident with his car. Jackson was detained for three days.

Addiction to Drugs

Jackson began selling narcotics in his early adolescence to obtain money. Charles Jackson, his father, was also a drug user. He picked up skills from his father.

Jackson used to engage in street brawls and avoid returning home. He also began abusing narcotics at an early age. As a result, Jackson fled his home and vanished for several years.

However, upon his return home, Jackson resolved to abstain from drugs. He then abstained from drug use.

Rampage Jackson’s Social Media Presence

Jackson is active on three social media networks at the moment. He is a frequent user of Twitter and Instagram. However, he is not a heavy Facebook user.

Rampage Tweets about his upcoming fights, past matches, and gaming news. He is an extremely down-to-earth individual. Jackson answers instantly to his admirers.

Jackson frequently shares his personal life on Instagram. However, he does not share exclusively personal information. Jackson has also been known to share memes. Celebrities rarely share memes on their social media accounts.

Additionally, he has a Facebook account. However, he is not present there.

Rampage is a sporadic user of Facebook. He has a sizable fan base on his social media platforms.

Quick Facts

Full Name Quinton Ramone Jackson
Birth Date June 20, 1978
Birth Place Memphis, Tennessee, United States
Nick Name Rampage
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Ethnicity African-American
Education Completed High School from Raleigh-Egypt High School
Horoscope Gemini
Father’s Name Charles Jackson
Mother’s Name Information Not Available
Siblings One Younger Sister
Age 42 Years Old
Height 6 feet 1 inch
Weight 120 Kilograms
Hair Color Brown Black
Eye Color Black
Build Muscular
Profession MMA Fighter, Wrestler, Actor
Professional Career Winnings 38
Active Years in MMA 13 Years
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Single
Wife’s Name Yuki Jackson
Kids Four; Darnell, Elijah, Raja, and Naname Jackson
Net Worth $12 Million