Ronin Willingham

Ronin Willingham is a sweet and beautiful baby who is the firstborn child of Travis Willingham, a well-known voice actor, and his wife Laura Bailey.

Furthermore, he is now two years old, and fans who follow Travis and Laura on social media are still adoring the angelic smiling boy seen in their photos. Being born into a celebrity family means that you will still be in the spotlight, which satisfies him as well. Since his parents worked hard enough for him, he would have a luxurious life and be well cared for. If you want to learn more about him, here are ten fascinating things about him.

The following are ten facts about Ronin Willingham:

1. Ronin Willingham is the son of Travis Willingham and Laura Bailey, a well-known American voice actor couple.
2. He was born on June 28, 2018, in the United States of America and has spent his entire life there.
3. We can deduce his age from his birthday. He is currently two years old.
4. When it comes to his dad, Travis Willingham, he is also a voice actor.
5. Carson Willingham, his uncle, comes to see him often.
6. For the time being, however, no information about his grandparents is available.
7. He is too young to have his own social media site, but he is more often seen on his parents’ account, which is more well-liked and adored.
8. His father and mother have both received a great deal of praise for their work as voice actors.
9. His physical attributes are unknown because they have not been shared by their parents, but they will be accessible soon.
10. He doesn’t have a Wikipedia page of his own, but his parents do, and they have a sizable following.

Facts of Ronin Willingham

Name Ronin Willingham
Birthday June 28, 2018
Age 2
Gender Male
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Parents Travis Willingham and Laura Bailey

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