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Sachin Gole is a voice actor who can speak different languages fluently and form India. He can speak fluent Hindi, Urdu, Marathi, and also English. He has given his voice for many movies which include Hollywood movies, Chinese movies, south Indian movies, and also gives his voice for animated series and films.

He started his career in the year 2009 and is active to the date. He is currently 38 years old and is still continuing his work with the same passion and dedication when he started. Many people who want to pursue their careers in this filed also see him as their inspiration. He is a native of Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

There are not many details about him on the web. However, his professional details are available in some online sites but there are no details about his personal life on the web. He seems to a very private person who likes to keep a low profile.

10 Facts About Sachin Gole:

  1. Sachin Gole is currently 38 years old.
  2. There is not much information about his height, weight, and other various body measurements.
  3. He was born on August 17, 1990, in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
  4. He is well-known as a voice artist or voice actor who has given his voice on popular animated series including DreamWorks, Dragon, Beyblade, Pokemon, etc.
  5. From his Twitter account, we come to know that he is an MNS Union Leader.
  6. There is no official Wikipedia page assigned to him while there is an Everybodywiki page assigned to him.
  7. However, Sachin’s bio can be found anywhere on the internet as he is very famous in India as well as in the whole world.
  8. We do not know the identity of his wife right now but it will be published very soon.
  9. It seems he shares children with his wife as he has been spotted in some of the photographs holding his child.
  10. Sachin is active on Twitter with more than 200 followers and on Facebook with more than 3000 followers.

Facts of Sachin Gole

Name Sachin Gole
Birthday August 17, 1990
Age 30 years
Gender Male
Nationality Indian
Ethnicity Asian
Profession Voice Actor, MNS Union Leader
Married/Single Married
Children Yes
Twitter @mns5578
Facebook @sachingolemnks