Sammy Purssey, whose TikTok username is Sammyjanee, is currently based in Australia. She has become more famous on the Internet as a result of her actions on TikTok.

Sammyjanee is very involved on much of her social media and is known for her funny posts. She has a charming smile and has been able to draw a huge number of fans. An internet celebrity, she’s also dealing with multiple brands.

What is Sammy Janee’s Net worth?

Sammy Janee was born on 16 February 2001 in Melbourne, Australia. The Australian muser, who had won over 500,000 fans on her sammyjanee website.

Some Interesting Facts

  1. Sammy Purssey or Sammyjanee was born on 16 February 2001 in Melbourne, Australia. She is 19 years old at the time.
  2. Her TikTok “sammyjanee” account currently has 943.6K followers and an incredible 19.9 million likes.
  3. Sammyjanee has given a link to her OnlyFans in her Instagram profile. She also named “oliviadicocco,” one of her closest friends at college, a bio.
  4. Her official Instagram account is under the username “sammypurssey” and has 52.5K followers with a total of 82 messages.
  5. As a well-known internet star, she primarily went on Instagram to advertise her brand offers. So far, she’s been working with brands like Lounge Apparel, Tiger Spray, Kookai, and several more.
  6. Sammyjanee did not mention a friend in any of her social media pages. It seems like the TikTok Star is single at the moment.
  7. Her “Samm Purssey” YouTube channel was released in February 2016. So far, she hasn’t shared any updates, but she has 3.44K subscribers.
  8. She also has a second Instagram account under the name “sammypursseyy.” It has only posted 8 posts on this account and has a total of 64 followers.
  9. While she hasn’t spoken much to the media about her family, she has a brother called Will.
  10. Besides TikTok and Instagram, she’s not too successful on other social media sites.

Facts of Sammyjanee

Name Sammyjanee
Birthday February 16, 2001
Age 19
Gender Female
Nationality Australian
Profession TikTok Star
Instagram @sammypurssey
Tiktok @sammyjanee
Youtube Sammy Purssey

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