Sandra Rosko

Sandra seems like a regular actress when she’s seen in a movie, but she’s a live picture of a workaholic. This lady has an outstanding background with all that makes her a good actor. She is still active in the recording business, with over 20 years of music-making experience.

Besides all that, she’s already a well-known actress and has fans all over the planet. But mostly because of her passion to be a successful actor, she focuses on acting and modeling.

Sandra Rosko’s Net Worth:

The net worth of Sandra Rosko is $1 Million. 

10 details regarding Sandra Rosko

1. Sandra Rosko was born in Canada on October 19, 1985. She’s 34 years old at the time.
2. She enjoyed the arts and the creative arts at an early age, beginning lessons in jazz, tap dancing, and ballet at the age of 5.
3. Sandra is not only an actor, but she is also both a model and a singer. Her height of 5 feet and 4 inches definitely helped her land jobs in the modeling business.
4. She has had decades of experience in bartending, hosting, waitressing, tv, film, theater, chatting modeling, and even standing up for humor.
5. Rosko is most definitely single at the moment and there are no reports about her finding a partner at the moment.
6. Unfortunately, no details about her relatives, including her brothers, could be found on the Internet.
7. She’s very active on Instagram and updates regularly. She’s got about 150k followers right now.
8. Her first-ever film was the Eye of Zurock, where she performed the part of a woman called Mother North. This movie was released back in 2006.
9. While she doesn’t have her own wiki page, she does have an IMDB page where we can find out more about her job.
10. The total net worth is about $5 million dollars, and at this stage, it is said to have a revenue of more than $500,000 a year.

Facts of Sandra Rosko

Name Sandra Rosko
Birthday October 19, 1985
Age 34
Gender Female
Height 5 Feet 4 Inch
Nationality Canadian
Ethnicity white
Profession Actress
Net Worth $5 Million
Salary $500,000 per year
Married/Single Single
Instagram @sandrarosko


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