Sarath Ton

 Quick Facts

Full Name Sarath Ton
Birth Date June 9, 1983
Birth Place Springfield, U.S
Nick Name Mikaze, Mikaze Kid
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed
Education Not Available
Horoscope Gemini
Father’s Name Saroeun Ton
Mother’s Name Mul Ton
Siblings Sarran Ton, Saren Ton
Age 40 Years Old
Height 5ft 6in
Weight Not Available
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Build Athletic
Famous For Husband of American Professional Wrestler
Body Measurement Not Available
Shoe Size Medium
Marital Status Married
Wife Sasha Banks
Kids None
Net Worth $1million – $5 million
Social Media Twitter, Instagram
Merch of Sasha Banks Action Figure, Posters
Last Update June, 2021

When life provides you with a vocation in which you meet beautiful people, why not settle down? Sarath Ton followed suit. He married Sasha Banks, a professional wrestler. He is well known as the spouse of Sasha Banks.Sarath Ton is a WWE backstage worker, costume designer, and former wrestler. However, he is not well-known by his given name. He is best known for his relationship with his wife, Sasha Banks.

However, we cannot overlook Ton’s occupation, as Sarath Ton is responsible for the creation of many of the wrestlers’ professional attire. As Sasha Banks’ spouse, he also creates outfits for her. Ton transforms them into handsome performers onstage.

Ton has also competed in a number of professional wrestling matches, most notably Monday Night Raw. Throughout his professional career, he was well known as Mikaze. Without a doubt, he is now referred to as Sasha Banks’ spouse.

He also works off-stage for WWE, where he manages the superstars’ presentations. Ton is accountable for a variety of tasks for his employer.

How much is the Net Worth of Sarath Ton?

His net worth is between $1 million to $5 million, although a report suggests that he has less than five million dollars in total. The calculation is based only on his overall earnings. AFTER COLLABORATING WITH SASHA BANKS, HIS NET WORTH INCREASES TO 8 MILLION DOLLARS.

Who is Sasha Banks' Husband Sarath Ton: Everything to Know about - ITN WWE
Sasha Banks’ Husband Sarath Ton. Via ITN WWE

Sasha Banks receives a yearly salary of $250,000. Ton’s pay, on the other hand, is unknown. They are not believers in showmanship. Both of them seemed to be decent and straightforward. Sarath, as he previously stated on his Instagram post, dislikes wearing the official clothing. Rather than that, he prefers to wear shorts and t-shirts the majority of the time.

Both of them live extravagant lives, as seen by their social media posts. Sarath became bankrupt in 2016. He was impoverished. Sasha oversaw her during that period. Sarath is now one of WWE’s leading costume designers.

Sarath Ton – Family, Childhood, and Education

Ton was born in Springfield, Massachusetts, in the United States of America. His father, Saroeun Ton, and mother, Mul Ton, instilled in him an appreciation for costume design. He was born and raised in Massachusetts.

His boyhood was idyllic, owing to his family’s economic stability. Ton and his siblings were not reliant on others to meet their necessities. He attended school alongside his two siblings, Sarran and Saren. He graduated from Springfield’s elementary school.

Ton was fascinated by costume design from an early age. As a result, he began designing child costumes for his buddies. Regrettably, there is little information available concerning his high school education. According to gossip, he did not enroll in any degree programs.

Sarath Ton’s Professional Career – Wrestling and Costume Design

Ton was raised by his father as a harsh and tough young man. He engaged in a variety of exercises during his formative years. He worked quite hard to get a muscular physique. It was his good fortune; he was born into a prosperous family, which enabled him to enroll in several training programs.

Initially, he was coached by his father; afterwards, he joined a gym and maintained his body. However, he was introduced for the professional match by Kevin Landry, a professional wrestler. Later, he enrolled for the sole purpose of wrestling – to launch a professional career.

Combat sports

Sarath Ton, also known as Mikaze or Kid Mikaze, made his professional wrestling debut on November 2, 2002. He was chosen for the Northeast Premiere Wrestling Foundation. Ton stunned the competition by winning his first title. His popularity grew stronger in other locations. Following it, he competed in more contests.

However, Ton’s most priceless experience occurred in 2010, when he met his future wife Sasha Banks during a tournament. Ton and Banks dated till they married.

Wrestling Victories

Ton won a number of matches over his career. Between 2002 and 2015, he earned a variety of titles, belts, and crowns. Ton has wrestled all around America, from Rookie of the Year 2002 to the Northeast Tag Championship. He won the PWF Championship in 2005.

He competed in a variety of tournaments, including the Connecticut tournament and New England Frontier Wrestling. WWE personnel transported him to a hospital for many days. Ton withdrew from professional wrestling because his physicians urged him to do so.

Sarath had an interest in costume design during his school years. Additionally, he designed other outfits for his family members. However, with the 2015 incident, his interest became a vocation. Ton was enlisted to create clothes for the wrestlers. He was also hired by WWE as a backstage worker.

Sarath Ton’s
CAPTION:Sarath Ton’s racling time(

Ton was not trained for this job. Nonetheless, he created masterpieces. His works drew widespread recognition. Sarath was offered positions in a variety of locations, though he denied working in any of them. He desired to accomplish something with his wife, and he chose to design outfits for WWE.

Additionally, Ton created masks for male WWE stars. He designed a cover for Rey Mysterio, who was notable for defeating The Undertaker and Kane despite his diminutive frame.

Ton’s outfits achieved instant celebrity in a short period of time. Numerous WWE wrestlers, like Summer Rae, Tamina Snuka, and others, use his designed outfits as well.

Affiliation with Sasha Banks

In 2010, Sarath Ton met Sasha Banks. He first encountered her at a wrestling match. When they initially met, they exchanged contact information. They began dating months afterwards. However, their followers were unaware of their relationship. In 2012, WWE hosted an intergender match.

WWE superstars such as Sasha Banks and Sarath Ton competed in the event. It was the first time their followers saw the two of them together. They remained silent in public, which left the public in the dark about their connection. Their connection was strictly confidential.

Nobody knew about their relationship, even their colleagues, until their marriage. They married quietly on August 4, 2016, bringing only a few close family to the reception. They were adamant about not requesting various personalities for their wedding for their own reasons.

Until now, Ton and Banks have remained childless. They do, however, intend to have children. Banks stated in an interview with the media that she intends to have a child in the future. Both of them are living happily as a couple; their lives are free of conflict. However, in 2017, Sasha’s admirers falsely accused Ton of marrying her for her money.

Sasha ignored these messages. They are now content. Ton and Banks’ marriage is a happy one. TON BELIEVES IN HIS WIFE AS A MENTOR WHO ALWAYS SUPPORTED HIM DURING HIS TROUBLE-SHOCKED PERIOD.

Sasha motivated him to pursue a career in costume design. Initially, she wore gowns made by him to NeXT wrestling matches. Following that, she began pursuing her coworkers to wear his gowns. Ton is currently a well-known WWE designer. He always offers credit to his wife for his established career.

Sarath and Sasha are both hip-hop enthusiasts. They enjoy listening to hip-hop music. They have fun together in their spare time by turning on speakers and dancing madly.

Raw Sasha said in an interview with Monday Night how she and her husband Ton participate in rap wars and sing rap songs alone. Additionally, she stated that she is the one who always wins, while her spouse always loses.

Sarath Ton – Is He a Dog Person?

Sarath Sarath Ton is a dog enthusiast. He enjoys spending time with dogs. He has a dog – more like to a child than a pet. Ton is perpetually amusing him. They both walk and travel via the neighborhood parks. Sarath treats his dog as if it were his child. There are numerous photographs of them together.

Ryu Maivia is his given name; he also has an Instagram account. With 47.8k followers on Instagram, he is pretty popular. Ryu is located here. Ryu is a reserved dog. He frequently prefers to enjoy himself just with Ton. Ryu, on the other hand, plays with Banks.

Raw Sasha Banks revealed in an interview with Monday Night that Ton treats him more like a child than she does, and he also continues to care for Ryu Mavia. Mikaze is a frequent uploader to his Instagram. Instagram is his preferred social media platform over Facebook and Twitter. He documents everything he does on social media.

Sarath Ton’s
CAPTION:Sarath Ton’s’s dog(

From his Instagram ID, we can learn about his lifestyle, relationship with his dog, and custom-designed outfits. He is an outgoing individual; his Instagram posts are really likable. Ton spends the majority of his time writing about his wife Sasha Banks and his puppy Ryu Maivia.

Apart from that, he enjoys posting selfies of himself doing other activities. Sarath Ton’s wife, Sasha Banks, is an Instagram addict as well. She regularly shares images of herself wrestling – as well as numerous captures with Ton.

Ton and Banks are not frequent travelers. They do not upload information regarding their weekend travels. There are only a handful photographs of both of them visiting beaches. This is to be expected, as there are no photographs of travels.

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