Sophia Ecclestone Rutland


Name Sophia Ecclestone Rutland
Birthday 2014
Age 8 years old
Gender Female
Nationality British
Parents Tamara Ecclestone and Jay Rutland
Siblings Serena

Sophia Ecclestone Rutland is a famous kid and a family friend. She is identified as Tamara Ecclestone’s daughter.

Tamara’s girlfriend, Sophia Ecclestone Rutland, is a well-known model and socialite. Besides, she’s also a TV personality. She is the former host of the Sky Sport TV service. She’s also known for her reality show called Tamara Ecclestone: Billion $$$ Girl.

Sophia is in the spotlight because of her mother’s fame and beauty.

10 Facts of Sophia Ecclestone Rutland

  1. The exact birthday of Sophia Ecclestone Rutland is not known, but she was born in 2014. She is 8 years old as in 2022.
  2. Sophia stands at an estimated height of 6 years old. She’s a beautiful kid like her mum, and she’s also known for her sweet looks.
  3. Sophia, 6 years old, has no net worth. She has a rich lifestyle, though, born as a kid to celebrities. Her mother, Tamara, is believed to have a net worth of around $300 million.
  4. Sophia’s parents are Tamar Ecclestone and Jay Rutland. Her parents married in 2013. She’s also got a younger sister named Serena. Serena was born in 2020 recently.
  5. Moreover Sophia’s ancestors are Bernie Ecclestone and Slavacia Ecclestone on her mother’s side.
  6. Sophia was born and brought up in England. So, by birth, she belongs to British nationality.
  7. Similarly Ecclestone became famous as the daughter of the Tamara Ecclestone style. She is also seen with her mother on numerous days, such as in red carpets. She’s famous for her beauty, too.
  8. Tamara is a well-known TV host and a former Sky Sports host.
  9. Similarly Jay’s father is a well-known businessman. He is the owner of a firm called Bigrate Corporation.
  10. Sophia doesn’t have social media applications so she’s used on her mother’s social networking pages. She’s got 450 thousand fans on Instagram.

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