Susan Dee Robbins – Net Worth

Quick Facts/ Wiki

Full Name Susan Dee Robbins
Birth Name Susan Dee Robbins
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Birth Country United States of America
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Spouse Dale Robertson

The fourth and final wife of the late American actor Dale Robertson, Susan Dee Robbins is well-known on the internet. He was an American actor who is cherished by his fans and supporters for his outstanding performance in films and TV shows.

And he passed away on February 27, 2013, at the age of 89, in La Jolla, California, United States. He was born on July 14, 1923, in Harrah, Oklahoma, United States.

He got married four times in his lifetime to lovely women. In this article, we’ll talk about Susan Dee Robbins, Dale Robertson’s fourth and final wife’s personal and professional life.

How wealthy was Dale before his death?( late Husband of Susan Dee Robbins)

Before his death, Dale Robertson  Husband of Susan Dee Robbins was fairly wealthy. Like Aleksandr Galibin, he had a $5 million total net worth. His possessions include his homes, vehicles, bank account, and other items.

Over the course of four decades, he has amassed this enormous sum of money through his acting career. Additionally, he participated in World War II as a member of his nation’s military.

He also spent a few years competing professionally in boxing. On February 27, 2013, he passed away, leaving his wife and three daughters his vast fortune.

 Early Life: Birth Place & Birth Date

Susan, the ex-spouse of Matt Houston actor Dale, was born in the United States. She was born on a certain day, but the location of her birth is still a mystery. Additionally, when asked about her parents in interviews, she remains silent.

Few people are aware of Susan’s past because, as was previously noted, she only rose to fame after getting married to Dale Robertson, who starred in The Last Ride of the Dalton Gang.

How Susan Dee Robbins Rose To Prominence?

Susan is Dale Robertson’s fourth and final wife, as was previously indicated. Following her marriage to Dale Robertson, she rose to fame and gained notoriety.

A vintage picture of Susan Dee Robbins. Image Source: Buzz South Africa

Susan, the late actor’s wife, had previously held a flight attendant position with American Airlines. After exchanging vows with Dale Robertson, she quit her work.

Susan Has Zero Presence On Social Media Handles

Susan isn’t presently active on any social networking platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. She doesn’t have any social media accounts set up.

She prefers to lead a private life and detests disclosing personal information in public. But don’t worry, if she creates a profile on any social media platforms, we’ll let you know.


A Brief Overview Of Susan & Dale’s Relationship:

In any case, Susan and Dale clicked after their initial encounter at American Airlines. After some time, they started meeting often and eventually became romantically involved.

A vintage picture of Susan Dee Robbins and her late husband, Dale Robertson. Image Source: Buzz South Africa

They were married privately on February 2, 1980, in front of a small gathering of close friends, family, and loved ones. They didn’t post any pictures or videos from their wedding.

After exchanging vows, the newlyweds relocated to a horse farm in Yukon, Oklahoma, where they established a residence and enjoyed married life while raising and training horses.

 Physical Apperance

Beautiful Susan Dee Robbins has blonde hair and dark brown eyes. She is of ordinary height and weight, although the exact figures are yet unknown.

In addition, Susan keeps a low profile compared to other famous spouses, therefore her exact body measurement is still a mystery.

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How Did Susan’s Late Husband Dale Robertson Die?

actor from Wind in the Wire Dale was an extremely gifted actor and is regarded as one of the most illustrious performers of his era. He had a variety of parts in sixty films and television shows. In addition to being their favorite actor, he was a great person outside of acting.

Photo of Dale Robertson while sitting on a chair. Image Source: Wiki wand

He regretfully passed away on February 27, 2013, at Scripps Memorial Hospital in La Jolla, California, from lung cancer and pneumonia. He is survived by his wife and three daughters.

How Did Susan Meet Dale, Her Late Husband?

Susan was a flight attendant for Airways and was traveling from Los Angeles to Oklahoma when she met her late husband Dale Robertson.

Susan, who was also a fan of Dale, recognized him right away when he stepped off the plane. She was acquainted with Dale because of his participation in the 1957–1962 television series Tales of Wells Fargo.

Late Actor Dale Wiki & Bio

The son of Varval Robertson and Melvin Robertson, Dale Robertson, also known as Dayle Lymoine Robertson, was born on July 14, 1923, in Harrah, Oklahoma, in the United States. He attended Oklahoma Military Academy in Claremore and competed in a number of boxing fights as a professional.

He served his nation in the Second World War as a member of the 322nd Combat Engineer Battalion of the 97th Infantry Division of the US Army in Europe. For his efforts, he received a bronze and a silver medal.

Dale Robertson posing for a photo shoot. Image Source: Buzz South Africa

He made his acting debut in the 1948 family comedy-drama The Boy with Green Hair, playing an uncredited role. After his debut film, he received little attention from the general public and for a while only received small, uncredited roles.

Then he played the character of Joe Blake in the drama film Take Care of My Little Girl in 1951. He co-starred in the film with Jean Peters, Mitzi Gaynor, and Jeanne Crain as one of the main characters.

Also He became one of the most well-known performers in the entire movie industry as a result of his great performance in this picture. From that point forward, he received offers for leading parts in other films.

He retired from acting in 1994 after playing his final part as Zeke in the TV series Harts of the West, having appeared in over 60 films and TV shows.

Had To Relocate To Rancho Santa Fe

Due to her husband’s deteriorating health, the former Airways flight attendant and her family were forced to move to Rancho Santa Fe.

Her brother-in-law and sister-in-law also lived in Rancho, so they decided to relocate there. so that in dire circumstances individuals can turn to their family for assistance.

Does Susan Have Kids?

Susan and Dale Robertson were married for 32 years, however they never had children together. Despite the fact that they were deeply in love and were there for one another through thick and thin, they never had children.

They haven’t given the media any specific justification for not having children, though. This demonstrates that they desired to enjoy their romantic lives free from parental obligations.

Had Three Stepchildren

Although Susan and Dale did not have any biological children together, they did have three stepchildren. All of her stepchildren are female.

She has two stepdaughters: Rochelle Robertson and Rebel Lee. Her third stepdaughter’s identity is still a mystery, though.