Sydney Beth

Quick Facts

Full Name: Sydney Beth Hatmaker
Age: 21 Years old
Birthday: May 24, 2000
Birthplace: United States
Nationality: American
Gender: Female
Horoscope: Gemini
Parents: Jennifer Lynn Hatmaker
Net Worth: $3 million
Height: N/A
Profession: Celebrity Daughter
Sibling: Remy, Caleb, Ben, Gavin

Sydney Beth Hatmaker is the child of renowned American television host Jennifer Lynn Hatmaker (Jen Hatmaker). The Hatmaker mother and daughter rose to notoriety because to Jen’s creation of the podcast For the Love. Recently, the actress admitted that her kid is homophobic.

What is the net worth of Sydney Beth Hatmaker?

Despite not having yet announced her occupation, Sydney Beth has a total net worth of $3 million. She is a Celebrity daughter of renowned American Television Host, Jennifer Lynn Hatmaker (Hatmaker). Her father, Brendon Hatmaker is worth $5 million, and her mother, Jen Hatmaker is worth $3 million, when it comes to their combined net worth.

Sydney Beth Hatmaker
Caption: Sydney Beth Hatmaker, Celebrity Daughter (Photo: Facebook)

Early Life, Family and Education

Beth was born on May 24, 2000, in the United States. Her blonde hair goes well with her stunning blue eyes.  Her parents both hold degrees from Oklahoma Baptist University in terms of their educational backgrounds. The parents of Beth Hatmaker are Jen and Brandon Hatmaker. Like his wife, Brandon is a well-known person with a broad range of abilities. He is a TV personality, an author, and a philanthropist. At the moment, Beth lives with her mother. She currently lives alone after her parents recently got divorced.

She spends a lot of time with her parents and is nevertheless quite close to them. Beth has four siblings, all by her mother. They go by the names of Caleb Hatmaker, Ben Hatmaker, Remy Hatmaker, and Gavin Hatmaker. The males of the Hatmaker family are Caleb, Gavin, and Ben, while Sydney and Remy are the family’s daughters. Absolutely, yes. Sydney Beth is a homosexual. Since she was twelve years old, she had known it. She, on the other hand, was left to handle it by herself.

Sydney Beth Hatmaker
Caption: Sydney Beth Hatmaker, Celebrity Daughter (Photo: Popular Networth)

When her mother finally understood what she was saying, she helped her think broadly and honestly. Jen regrets not noticing it sooner and missing the opportunity to help her right away. Sydney’s maternal grandparents on her mother’s side are Jana and Larry King. Larry had previously worked as a minister of recreation. He had several different women in his marriage. One of them is Alene Akins. Contrarily, Beth has not spoken publicly about her paternal grandparents. They also keep their professional lives private.

Who is Sydney Beth Dating?

Records indicate that Sydney is now single. She doesn’t currently have any wedding preparations in place. She is happy being alone and is entirely committed to achieving her professional objectives. Additionally, she has never been in a relationship. Rumors of an affair have never attracted her.

Is Hatmaker a Homosexual?

Yes, Indeed. Sydney Beth is a Homosexual. Since she was twelve, she had known it. She had to deal with it alone, though. Later, her mother understood and assisted her in having a broad perspective. Jen is also sorry that she didn’t hear about it earlier and wasn’t able to assist her right away.

Sydney Beth Hatmaker’s Professional Life of Beth’s Mother on Instagram

The novelist, who won an Audie Award, started her career in television back in 2014. In My Big Family Renovation, she made her acting debut. Beth’s mother has appeared in more than nine television programs up to this point. Additionally, she has served as a host for a number of shows and podcasts, including What Should I Read Next?, The Rachel Hollis Podcast, and others.

Jen Hatmaker in blue and yellow feather earring smiling in brown hair.
Photo of Jen Hatmaker (Source:

Although Beth might be active on social media, her profiles are still hidden. Her mother is visible on Instagram, though. On Instagram, Jen has a little over 537k followers. She enjoys sharing photos of her buddies online.

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