Tay Roc

Donte Richardson, alias Tay Roc, is a talented battle rapper who has earned a spot among the best rappers in the world as a result of his achievements. The guillotine-flow rap of Tay Roc has a worldwide following. Over 58 million people have watched him fight in over 39 matches. Tay Roc’s net worth is most likely substantial, owing to his rap-fighting career. “Gun-bar king” is another moniker for him.

Tay Roc, one of the world’s most popular battle rappers, has had some of battle rap’s most electrifying moments in recent years. His intensity, performance, and delivery have all earned him a reputation. The rapper has performed in the Smack URL (Ultimate Rap League), The Battle Academy, The Bullpen Battle League, and Lionz Den, among other venues.

What is the Net Worth of Tay Roc?

Tay Roc, a talented battle rapper, is likely to have amassed a large net worth as a result of his successful profession. Roc, as previously said, broke a record by surpassing 58 million views in only 39 matches. The majority of Tay Roc’s rap-battle videos have a million or more views.

Tay Roc and his net worth
Tay Roc is a successful Rapper. (source: Youtube)

According to studies, battle rappers can earn six figures a year simply by rapping. Since Tay Roc has spent the majority of his career competing in rap battles, his wage per battle must be extremely high. Loaded Lux and Hollow Da Don vs. Tay Roc and Chess in URL was a highly anticipated rap duel. It also surpassed one million views. Tay Roc, like Hitman Holla, Pat Stay, Goodz, Charron, and others, has faced off against other rappers.

Tay Roc and his rap battles
The URL rap battles between Tay Roc and Hitman Holla gained an awesome 1.8 million views. (Source: Youtube)

Not to mention Tay Roc’s involvement with fighting crews such as Zip’em up, Dot Mobb, Cave Gang, and Guntitles. Tsu Surf, another well-known rapper, is a Guntitles member. Cave Gang is led by Tay Roc, with Ave, Brizz Rawsteen, Ryda, and Chef Trez as some of the group’s other members.

Tay Roc may be negotiating and scheduling his impending Rap-Battles engagement in the coming days, and it’s no surprise. Tay Roc’s salary-basis deal could be a good one with a good amount of money if you look into it more. As a result, Tay Roc’s wealth would almost certainly skyrocket.

Income From Albums And Music

Tay Roc has recorded albums in the hip-hop industry, in addition to making money via Rap-Battles. Because Tay has such a large following, his albums and collection appear to be in high demand. The following are the prices for Tay Roc’s raspy-rap albums on Amazon:

Albums Price
Aroma Therapy 2 $8.99
Double Dragon $7.92
The Transylvania Tape $8.99

On the same day, on October 31, 2019, he released ten new songs on Apple Music. We could even deduce that he receives a significant sum of money from Apple Music for each stream. He may also be making a lot of money off the Spotify Playlist.

As a result, the majority of Tay Roc’s music videos can be found on his CaveGang MusicChannel YouTube account, which also serves as a business venture.

Hence, Tay Roc’s hip hop music career has unquestionably benefited him. He will probably become a well-known battle rapper within a few years.

Earnings From Cave Gang Merchandise

Cave Gang also sells goods. Hats, tees, socks, and joggers are among the items in the collection. The following is a list of the merchandise available for purchase, along with their prices:

Merchandise Price
Cave Gang Camo $24.99-$26.99
Cave Gang Maryland $24.99-$26.99
Cave Gang Tropical $24.99-$26.99

As a member of the rap group Cave Gang, Tay Roc may profit from Cave Gang item sales.

Tay Roc and Cave Gang merchandise
Cave gong’s merchandise act as one of the Tay Roc’s sources of income and earnings. (Source: Cave Gang)

Who knows, maybe Cave Gang want to expand their apparel company by opening markets and stores in malls and shopping centers.

Early Life and Family

Tay Rock was born in Baltimore, Maryland, as mentioned in his rap battles. Donte Richardson was his given name by his parents when he was born. Furthermore, Tay comes from an African-American family. And, like most battle rappers, he kept his siblings, mother, and father’s identities disguised.

Tay’s academic achievements were not well-known. However, it didn’t take a genius to figure out that he excelled at English as a high school student. Tay claims that his upbringing was not particularly pleasant. As a result, he turned to rapping for comfort.

Body Measurement

Tay Roc stood 5 feet 8 inches tall, according to reports. His weight, on the other hand, remained under 77 kg.

Rapper Tay Roc Net Worth - Income From Rap Battles And Earnings From Different Endeavors
The talented rapper, Tay Roc built a staggering wealth from his rapping career. Image Source: HipHopDX.

Tay Roc’s Flex-Life

Tay Roc, a rapper, is never one to pass up an opportunity to flex. He enjoys dressing up in high-end branded clothing. The rapper may have a luxurious, down-to-earth wardrobe. Tay Roc’s Instagram account portrays the flex party on social media.

Tay Roc and his lifestyle
Tay Roc loves to flex around his chains and jewelry. (Source: therealtayroc/Instagram)

Tay Roc and his “Cave Gang” lifestyle, which includes gold chains and jewels, is always in style. Thousands of dollars were probably spent on the chains and jewelry. However, Tay Roc was robbed for the chain, according to a video posted by Trick Live TV.

Quick Facts

Date of Birth April 28, 1988
Age 33 Years, 8 Months, 18 Days
Place of Birth Baltimore
Country United States
Profession Rapper
Horoscope Taurus