Taylor Dowd Simpson

Taylor Dowd Keith is also known as Taylor Dowd Simpson (wife of Webb Simpson), and she is a devout wife, devoted mother, and responsible daughter. “There’s a woman behind every successful man,” as the saying goes. Similar to this, Webb Simpson’s wife is the driving force behind his success.

Quick Facts:

Full Name Taylor Dowd Simpson
Birth Place Charlotte, West Carolina
Birth Date October 30, 1984
Nick Name Dowd
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Education Communication and Theatre
Horoscope Scorpio
Father’s Name Greg Keith
Mother’s Name India Early Keith
Siblings Five
Age 37 Years Old
Height 5 ft. 6 inches
Weight Undefined
Hair Colour Blonde
Eye Colour Brown
Marital Status Married
Marriage Location Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S.
Children Five
Profession Actress
Net Worth $25M (including her husband’s property)
Current Work Housewife
Alumni Wake Forest University, Winston Salem
Social Media Not Active
Hobbies Collecting wigs, social service
Spouse Webb Simpson (January 2, 2010)
Merch of Webb Simpson Signed Olympic Club Hat, Autographed Photo
Last Update June, 2022

What is the Net Worth of Taylor Dowd Simpson?

Her wealth has not been made public. She may not be making any money because she isn’t working right now. However, she might have made a good sum of money when she was actively pursuing her job.

Her husband’s income is also taken into account while calculating her income (Webb Simpson’s Contract). Her net worth is presently estimated to be $25 million.

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Early life and education of Taylor Dowd Simpson

Taylor Dowd Simpson’s family members call her Dowd (including her husband). She was born in Charlotte, West Carolina, on October 30, 1984.

India Early Keith and Gerg Keith, her father, were the parents of her (mother). Dowd has four siblings and is the oldest child of her parents.

She was born in the United States, too. In addition, her horoscope indicates that she is a Scorpio.

According to her horoscope, she is a strong-willed, bold, devoted, secretive, and ambitious woman.

She has a strong sense of purpose, and she will pursue her goals no matter what obstacles stand in her way.

Taylor Dowd Simpson- PGA golfer Webb Simpson’s wife.

She has always been devoted because she is a Scorpio by birth sign. One illustration of this is her devotion to her husband.

She shown great bravery and courage from a young age. Everyone cannot make the courageous choice to pursue acting as a career.

She did, however, study theater and communication at Wake Forest University. She took part in numerous plays.

It’s interesting to note that she and her spouse met at the same college via a common friend. From there, Webb Simpson and Taylor Keith’s amazing love tale began.

Age and Physical Appearance of Taylor Dowd Simpson

Taylor Dowd Simpson is currently 37 years old and has a happy marriage.

She has five children with her husband. Every year on October 30, she has a birthday party right after Halloween.

In addition, we would like to point out her boldness. She is tenacious and has a good sense of what is best for her family.

Taylor has always stood by her husband and has a pure heart. She was there for him whenever he needed her.

She is unquestionably the most attractive golf-related woman. Although she exudes an aura that may make any soul weak. She is admired by everyone for her modesty, kindness, and caring disposition. Everyone is drawn to her because she has that maternal instinct.

On the occasion of their tenth wedding anniversary, Tylor’s husband, Webb Simpson, posted this image to show his admiration for her.

It is admirable how she has kept her body despite being a mother to five children.

In her body type, she appears just fine.

She obviously cares a lot about her health and eats a well-balanced diet to keep her body in good shape.

Professional Career of Taylor Dowd Simpson

Swift Dowd Keith aspired to work as an actor. She persuaded her acting career in Atlanta and Los Angeles after graduating from the theater. Additionally, she performed in other plays, including Romeo and Juliet.

However, life does not always grant our every want. We may have to give up on our dreams due to specific circumstances.

Taylor Dowd Simpson experienced the same thing.

She took a sabbatical from performing after getting married to Wedd Simpson. She got so preoccupied with the kids and the housework that she lost her ability to work.

Webb and Taylor Simpson for Charlotte magazine.

She did not want to lose out on any of the little moments she had with her children as a mother.

She wished to be there for her children’s first steps, first words, first day of school, and marriage, as well as for her husband’s every achievement.

Taylor remained steadfastly by Webb Simpson’s side during his difficult moments.

She might not be an actor today; she might just be a typical housewife.

But most importantly, she is content with what she is doing, therefore she has created her own identity and kept her individuality.

She adores spending time and being with her family.

Webb Simpson and Taylor Simpson’s Love Life

Webb Simpson and Taylor Dowd Keith connected at Wake Forest University through a common friend.

Although they weren’t introduced by him, Webb and Taylor’s brother were the best of friends. They did not initially know one another.

Although Webb frequently visited Taylor’s family and was acquainted with Taylor’s brother, the two never spoke.

Taylor and Webb Simpson’s Love Story

Webb’s father started their love affair, albeit they had a mutual friend who introduced them. For a date with his son, Webb’s father offered to pay $100. Taylor then responded;

“I’ll go for free if he’s as cute as you,” she said.

They subsequently began dating. They knew they were meant to be together since they were so much in love.

Taylor and Webb had a lot in common, and they supported one another no matter what. They also understood what the other desired out of life.

But they split up not long after they graduated from college. They were inexperienced and perplexed in every way.

Taylor Simpson and Webb Simpson: Marriage, Children

They were married after a five-month engagement. They themselves have a lovely family. Together, they have five children. She put her acting career on hold to care for her husband and kids.

Their son James, who was also their first child, was born in 2011. Willow Grace is their first child.

Augusta, the second daughter, was born not long after that. Mercy, the third daughter, was born in May 2016 after that. And finally, in 2018 they welcomed their newest daughter.

Taylor Dowd Simpson and her family.

Taylor currently shows her support for her spouse by going to his games. She is regarded as the most attractive lady in golf.

Her husband’s sturdiness is Taylor. Taylor has received thanks from Webb Simpson for her sacrifice in several of his interviews.

Whoever he is today, he claims that his wife is the reason for his success. He wouldn’t be as prosperous as he is now if she hadn’t been there.

Taylor has made a significant contribution to her husband’s success. She tries her hardest to be a nice mother and a great wife.

Hobbies of Taylor Dowd Simpson

Wig collecting is Taylor Webb Simpson’s strange pastime. She carries a variety of wigs, and she also tests them out at home.

From her earliest years, Mrs. Simpson has cherished collecting wigs. She has always enjoyed wearing wigs. Taylor once admitted in an interview that she loves wigs, which is extraordinary.

She is also fervently religious, which is another thing. She is a devout Christian who enjoys reading the Bible. Taylor devotes a lot of her time to studying the Bible and learning new lessons from it about life.

Taylor on her wedding day.

She is quite outspoken, and she always finds a way to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. Taylor thinks that having a strong Christian foundation helps to knit a family together. Her entire family shares this opinion as well.

presence in social media

Social networking is not used by Taylor Dowd Simpson. We anticipate seeing more of her on Instagram once she opens it up.

Last but not least, Taylor Dowd Simpson is a brave lady. Not everyone possesses the courage to put their family above their thriving profession.

She deserves a lot of praise for the way she has helped her husband through difficult circumstances.


What is the address of Webb and Taylor Dowd Simpson?

Currently, Webb and Taylor Dowd Simpson call Charlotte, North Carolina, home.

Taylor Dowd Simpson’s height is what?

Taylor Dowd Simpson has a height of 5′ 6″. (167 cm).

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