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Tukur Mamu is a Nigerian journalist, publisher, and negotiator. He is the publisher of Desert Herald Newspaper, a print media outlet in Kaduna. He rose to prominence as a negotiator between terrorists, bandits. And the Nigerian government over the kidnapping of Kaduna-Abuza train passengers and their families.

Tukur Mamu’s Biography, Wiki and Quick facts

Full Name: Tukur Mamu
Profession: Journalist, Publisher, Negotiator
Nationality: Nigerian
Birth Place: Yobe State
Hometown: Fika
Tribe: Hausa
Religion: Muslim
Marital Status: Married
Number of Wives: 4
Wife: Hajiya Bilkisu (late) April 2021
Number of Kids: 10
Parents: Mallam Mamu Duba Gari
Father: Mamu Duba Gari
Siblings: Mallam Muhammad Danladi
Social Media Accounts: Not FOund

How much is Tukur Mamu’s Net Worth?

Tukur Mamu’s net worth is expected to be about $500,000 by 2024, demonstrating his financial tenacity in the face of problems around him.

Early Life and Career

Tukur Mamu, a person buried in the mysticism of Nigerian journalism and negotiation, was born on January 6 in the tranquil hamlet of Fika, Yobe State, Nigeria. While his birth year is shrouded in mystery, his formative years were spent in the bosom of the Mamu Duba Gari family, guided by his esteemed parents, Mallam Mamu Duba Gari and Mamu Duba Gari. In the rural allure of Yobe State, Mamu embarked on his scholastic journey, navigating the rigors of basic and secondary study in his country.

Educational Qualification:

However, Mamu’s career path went beyond academia. After finishing his formal schooling, he ventured into the world of publishing, emerging as a catalyst for public discourse and a judge of truth. Mamu established himself as the owner of the famed Desert Herald Newspaper. Based in the bustling metropolis of Kaduna, and wielded the power of the press with elegance, building narratives that reverberated across the country.

However, Mamu’s effect went beyond the printed word. His journey into the delicate art of negotiating catapulted him to prominence. Where he served as a beacon in turbulent times. Following the terrifying Kaduna-Abuja train kidnapping. Mamu’s expert mediation between opposing factions captured the nation’s collective consciousness, providing a ray of hope in the face of uncertainty.

Professional Career of Tukur mamu

Nonetheless, Mamu’s career took a turn when he was accused by the Department of State Services (DSS) of participation in terrorist acts. Despite these serious claims, Mamu remains a mysterious character in Nigerian media circles.

In March 2024, the Nigerian federal government made news when it named Tukur Mamu, the publisher of Desert Herald. As one of the suspects in terrorist financing. This revelation was part of a bigger list that comprised nine persons and six Bureau De Change (BDC) owners and organizations. This information was sourced from a document produced by the Nigerian Financial Intelligence Unit (NFIU) titled “Designation of Individuals and Entities for March 18, 2024”.

Nigerian Journalist Tukur, Photo Source: Daily Trust

The dossier included suggestions for sanctions against the aforementioned entities based on their alleged involvement in terrorism financing. The NFIU specifically accused Mamu of financing terrorism by enabling $200,000 in ransom payments to ISWAP militants in exchange for the release of hostages from the Abuja-Kaduna train incident. As a result of these charges, Mamu became embroiled in judicial processes filed by the federal government for his alleged involvement in assisting the terrorists involved for the March 2022 attack on the Abuja-Kaduna train.

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In the complex dance between terrorists, outlaws, and government officials. Mamu emerged as a vital player, navigating perilous waters with sagacity and elegance. His natural ability to negotiate and navigate the convoluted halls of power gained him both praise and criticism. While some applauded his initiatives as diplomatic achievements, others questioned his objectives, engulfing them in controversy.

Despite the storm of public opinion, Mamu remained steadfast in his pursuit of journalistic honesty and diplomatic resolution. Despite the challenges and difficulties that marred his career. Mamu’s continuous dedication to journalism and negotiation solidified his position as a major player in Nigerian media circles.

His unwavering commitment to truth and reconciliation exemplifies his resilient character in the face of tragedy. As the sands of time move, Tukur Mamu remains a staunch defender of journalistic ethics and an unyielding champion for peace in a world beset by conflict.

Tukur Mamu Arrested

Tukur Mamu, the key negotiator between the federal government and the Abuja-Kaduna train terrorists, has been arrested in Egypt.
He was apprehended together with his family while on his way to Saudi Arabia for the smaller Hajj.
He was imprisoned at Cairo International Airport for 24 hours before being deported to Nigeria.

Tukur Mamu arrested, Photo Via; Kokomansion media

Journalist Tukur Mamu, the publisher of the Desert Herald and the senior negotiator with the bandits who attacked the Kaduna-bound train. He has been caught and whisked away. He the negotiator for the Abuja-Kaduna train terrorists, was caught by Egyptian authorities and repatriated to Kano. Tukur Mamu was on his way to Umurah when he and his family were arrested in Cairo, Egypt.

Tukur mamu Wife:

Journalist Tukur Mamu was formerly married to Hajiya Bilkisu, with whom he has children. In addition, he has four spouses and 10 children. Despite his professional accomplishments, Mamu’s personal life has been scrutinized and questioned. Particularly in light of his possible involvement in terrorism financing.

Tukur Mamu Family
Tukur Mamu family photo, Image Source: The Guardian Nigeria

Social Media and Contacts:

Mamu avoids social media networks.

Contact Tukur Mamu via phone, WhatsApp, or address at Desert Herald.

Contact information: – Address: No.14B Marnona Road, Unguwan Sarki, Kaduna State, Nigeria – Phone numbers: 062888261, 08036376131, 08033141661, – Email: [email protected]