Van Andrew

Van Andrew is a singer and songwriter who has recently captured the hearts of the general public with his performance at The Voice’s Season 19. Van nailed his first stage appearance with flying colours in spite of his nervousness.

Van enjoys Alternative Rock, and he still has a sound that fits the music. Van is already one of the favourite fans and an exciting artist at the show.

10 Van Andrew Facts

  1. Van Andrew is a young creative Voice’s Season 9 voyage contestant. We will see him live on TV on the NBC network.
  2. The identities of our talented guests are currently under review. However, Van could be about the age of 26 – 30 years due to his physical health.
  3. Van is an American by birth. It’s not known where he came from, but Van spent much of his time in the US.
  4. Van, too, has a pretty attractive and handsome body. On TV, he looks like he can stand at a height of 5 foot 9 inches.
  5. Van is very reserved for his personal life. His marital status is also unclear. He didn’t open up to date any of his girlfriends to this date.
  6. Van doesn’t have any Wiki bio about him, either. His name can’t be seen on Wikipedia. However, we can listen to his releases on his VanAndrewMusic website.
  7. The specifics of his heritage and heritage are also under the carpet. At the moment, none of his family, including his parents, is known in the public domain.
  8. Motorbikes are the only other passion, Van’s singing equivalent. We can often see his posts taking a long ride on his Harley.
  9. About his social media, Van puts his personal stuff on his Instagram @vanandrewofficial.
  10. He’s still active on Twitter @VanAndrewMusic. However, there is no influence on the presence on the site.

Facts of Van Andrew

Name Van Andrew
Age 26-30
Gender Male
Height 5 feet 9 inches
Nationality American
Profession Singer
Instagram @vanandrewofficial
Twitter @VanAndrewMusic