Vangie Quintanilla (Evangelina Almeida)

Vangie Quintanilla is a former wife of the American record producer, A.B. Quintanilla, guy. The Netflix sitcom “Selena: The Series” has been released.

In this film, people have begun to hear about the key activities of the Quintanilla family. Undoubtedly, it’s a thorough sneak preview that has intrigued people.

It’s A.B. Quintanilla is a record maker who has wooed a lot of people in his life. Among them, the story of how he met his first partner, Vangie Quintanilla, was seen in the latest episode of “Selena: The Series.” In the coming series, the story behind her pregnancy and how her life fell apart will come to light.

Apparently, fans are also unsure of the details of A.B.’s first wife. So, in this post, we tried to shed light on Vangie Quintanilla.

10 Facts of Vangie Quintanilla

1. Vangie Quintanilla was introduced to the spotlight when her ex-husband was a prince and a popular American musical artist.
2. The Netflix movie, Selena: The Series, based on Selena Quintanilla, has recently been released. It showed the glimpses of her boyfriend, A.B.’s first wife, and that’s how her name emerged on the internet trends.
3. Vangie is recognized as both the first and the ex-wife of A.B. Quintanilla, a guy. Besides that, the particulars of her working life have not yet been known.
4. It is also known as Evangelina Almeida.
5. Vangie doesn’t have a Wiki page, nor are her bio details conveniently traceable.
6. She hasn’t announced her age, yet. However, you may be curious to hear about A.B. She is now 56 years old.
7. Quintanilla and her ex-husband were hanged when she was 24, and they were struck on April 17, 1988. After the death of Selena, their union did not survive anymore. This is Vangie and A.B. It was isolated.
8. There’s no detail about her net worth on the internet.
9. She’s not using Instagram.
10. The names of her daughters are Svani and Gianni Quintanilla.

Facts of Vangie Quintanilla (Evangelina Almeida)

Name Vangie Quintanilla (Evangelina Almeida)
Gender Female
Nationality American
Children Svani Quintanilla, Gianni Quintanilla
Divorce A.B. Quintanilla III