Viet Pham Chef & Iron Chef America | Age, Biography, Wiki, Career, Net Worth, Family, Wife, Kids & Ethnicity

Alexis Furkioti Pham, Viet Pham’s wife, is known to be supportive of the chef’s vocation. Examine their marital status and whether or not they have children.

Viet Pham is a well-known chef and a former Iron Chef America contestant. He was born in San Francisco and worked in computing before enrolling in culinary school. He worked in several restaurants before founding Forage in Utah in 2009.

The chef has received multiple awards, including Best New Chef from Food & Wine and defeating Bobby Flay on Iron Chef America and Beat Bobby Flay twice.

Following the closure of Forage in 2016, Pham launched the well-known fried chicken restaurant Pretty Bird Hot Chicken, which now has four locations throughout Utah. He has made a name for himself in the culinary industry via hard work and ingenuity.

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Viet Pham Wife, Alexis Furkioti Pham

Alexis Furkioti Pham is Viet’s wife. The couple lives in Utah with their lovely orange cat, Theo. Pretty Bird Hot Chicken, which serves exquisite Nashville-style fried chicken, was founded by the couple in Salt Lake City.

Pretty Bird Hot Chicken is co-owned by Viet Pham’s wife and her husband. She assists in the management of the fast expanding fried chicken business, which has four sites in Utah.

The couple works well together, combining their skills to build a profitable restaurant brand based on his culinary expertise and Furkioti’s financial acumen.

Viet Pham's Wife and Marital Status
American Chef Viet is married to Alexis Furkioti Pham, Photo Source: Instagram

The pair enjoys a strong, caring connection in which they support each other’s goals. Alexis supports the chef’s cuisine enthusiasm while also contributing her business expertise.

They frequently work together on new ideas and developments for Pretty Bird Hot Chicken. Their mutual commitment and vision have been critical to the brand’s continuing growth.

Viet Pham’s Family Life

By all indications, Viet and Alexis enjoy a wonderful marriage. They live in Utah with their cat Theo and enjoy spending time together when they are not working on Pretty Bird Hot Chicken.

The foundation of the couple’s marriage is mutual trust, support, and communication. As evidenced by the introduction of a new restaurant brand, they are willing to take risks and chase their aspirations. They do it, however, with care, relying on one other’s strengths. The chef and his wife’s dedication goes beyond their marriage and into their company.

Their joint goal for Pretty Bird Hot Chicken keeps them focused on the future. They also know when to take a step back and spend quality time together, understanding that balance is key.

The fact that the two can successfully interact in business demonstrates their deep bond. Their marriage serves as a strong foundation upon which they are constructing a family and a profession. They are both committed to ensuring one other’s happiness. Their relationship is doing well.

Viet Pham’s Children

Pham and Furkioti do not have any children together as of yet. They are currently concentrating on growing their business, Pretty Bird Hot Chicken. Because of his hard schedule as head chef and owner, the chef has committed a significant amount of time to his restaurants.

His business partner is equally busy managing the operational side of the company. While children do not appear to be in the couple’s foreseeable future, their active cat Theo keeps them entertained. It’s apparent that family is important to the pair, thus having children is a possibility.

Viet Pham's Kids
Pham and Furkioti has not any kids until now, Photo Source: Instagram

The couple is the happy “parents” of the rapidly expanding Pretty Bird Hot Chicken brand. They devote their efforts to growing their successful restaurants. Having children will most likely occur later, when the situation is right.

Viet and Alexis appear to be fulfilled by committing themselves to their passions: cooking for Viet and business management for Alexis. Their entire life and loving marriage offer them with all the satisfaction they require right now. They may one day decide to reap the benefits of motherhood.