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uick Facts of Violet Moon Howey

Profession Celebrity Daughter
Full Name Violet Moon Howey
Date of Birth 01 March, 2015
Birthplace Sherman Oaks, California
Ethnicity Mixed
Nationality American
Father Steve Howey
Mother Sarah Shahi
Marital Status single
Relationship History No
Eye colour Blue
Hair colour Blonde
Horoscope Pisces

Actor Steve Howey and actress Sarah Shahi are the parents of Violet Moon Howey. Knox Blue is the twin brother of Violet as well. Steve, well-known from “Shameless,” and Sarah, well-known from “Sex/Life,” were wed for eleven years before separating.

How much is the Net worth of Violet Moon Howey?

Steve Howey and Sarah Shahi, Violet Moon Howey’s parents, are well-known figures in the world of business, each with a considerable net worth. Odette Ruffalo is another famous daughter who takes pleasure in her parents’ fortune.

Steve Howey, who is six feet four inches tall, has made a successful career for himself. The actor has a net worth of $2 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth, yet he is not the richest person in the entertainment business.

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The majority of Howey’s income comes from his work in television, most notably from his parts in shows like “Shameless” and “Reba,” each of which has over 100 episodes. Interestingly, he received a whopping $100,000 every episode for his 11-season stint on “Shameless.”

Steve Howey has expanded his holdings by purchasing a $1.8 million house in Sherman Oaks, California. This property data surfaced during his previous spouse Sarah Shahi’s divorce settlement.

What is Violet Moon Howey’s age? Her Early Life, Twin, and Age

On March 1, 2015, Sarah Shahi gave birth to her daughter Violet Moon Howey at home in a memorable event. Violet was born in the comfort of her parents’ Sherman Oaks, California home, together with her twin brother, Knox Blue. Particularly, Violet arrives two hours before Knox, making her the elder twin.

William Wolf, Violet’s older brother, was born in July 2009, adding to the complexity of the family relations. Sarah Shahi used both medical evidence and her intuition to help her understand that she was pregnant with twins.

Sarah Shahi with her newborn twins and her first son.
Sarah Shahi with her newborn twins and her first son. Source: Instagram/@sarahshahi

Sarah’s concerns were aroused when she took a pregnancy test after moving from New York to Los Angeles to fulfill her acting obligations. Along with her eldest child, Wolf, and her ex-husband, Steve Howey, Sarah sought medical advice to confirm the pregnancy.

The moment of truth arrived as the doctor applied a transducer to Sarah’s abdomen, causing his expression to change from one of horror to one of surprise. The doctor’s use of the word “Twins” finally made the truth clear, but it took some time to register.

The Meaningful Naming of Violet Moon Howey

The unusual combination of the names Violet Moon Howey and Violet Moon has an important backstory. The seven-year-old daughter of Sarah Shahi and Steve Howey was given a name that embodies their love of particular names as well as their personal relationships.

Steve Howey revealed in December 2020 that naming their twins was a rather simple process. On the other hand, they considered a number of names for their daughter Violet before deciding on “Moon” as her middle name.

Steve Howey with his only daughter Violet Moon Howey.
Steve Howey with his only daughter Violet Moon Howey. Source: Instagram/@stevehowey

It’s interesting to note that “Moon” has extra meaning because Shahi’s mother’s maiden name is associated with it. This gives Violet’s name a more personal touch and ties her to her mother’s side of the family. In addition, “Moon” honors Sarah’s mother’s heritage by serving as the English translation of her name.

Howey and Shahi first thought of the name “Moon” as a stand-alone first name. They ultimately came to the conclusion that it would be more appropriate as a middle name, giving Violet’s entire name a little more uniqueness.

The pair liked names like “Ruby” and “Olive,” so they decided to go with “Violet” as their first choice. This implies that they were drawn to names with a hint of refinement and charm that are derived from nature.

Her Mother Gave Birth To Her and Twin Brother At Home

Actress Sarah Shahi made a conscious decision that distinguished her path in parenthood. By choosing a home birth, she demonstrated her faith in the body’s inherent capacity to bear life. Sarah’s decision went beyond simple personal choice; it was a protest against the widely held belief that women need medical assistance during childbirth.

Sarah’s preference for home birthing was reinforced by a documentary that had a significant influence on both her and her former spouse, Steve Howey. “The Business of Being Born” offered an alternate viewpoint on birthing that prioritized individual autonomy and decision-making.

Steve Howey shares three children with his ex-wife Sarah Shahi.
Steve Howey shares three children with his ex-wife Sarah Shahi. Source: Instagram

Howey explained it to People,

“You have more control during home birth and with hospital births, there is a system in place and we didn’t like the whole system. [Sarah] did not like the idea of being injected with stuff and having a c-section,”

Steve Howey does concede, though, that not everyone is a good fit for home deliveries. Because of their dedication to this method, the couple worked with a midwife, a professional OB/GYN, and a doula to make sure the mother and child were safe and healthy. Violet and her brother had to make a difficult decision because their older sibling, William Wolf, was also born at home via water birth.

Violet and Her Twin Brother Has A Remarkable Birth Story

Howey’s birth brought with her difficulties as well as life’s tenacity. In the middle of an extremely quick labor, Sarah Shahi revealed that Violet had come with a cord around her neck twice. Sarah revealed her prior fear of such an event during a podcast discussion, which led to her realization.

Sarah was focused and fully engaged in the childbirth process as she gave birth to Violet in a tub. But the happy moment quickly became frightening as Violet came out blue and unresponsive from the cord wrapped around her neck.

Steve Howey, her father, described,

“It was tight around her neck and said that was the moment when he felt like his life was flashing before his eyes.”

The midwife helped, and a last-ditch attempt was made to bring Violet back to life. The attending physician started to massage her feet as Beth, the midwife, begged her to answer. At this terrifying instant, Violet’s hue changed and she shed her first tear, announcing her entry into the world.

In a different turn of events, Knox, Violet’s twin brother and womb mate, had his own special trip. Due to Sarah and Steve’s preference for home births, Knox’s birth took an odd turn when he chose to come into the world breech, feet first.

The pair, who are well-known for their outspoken advocacy of home births, stressed that breech deliveries don’t always require cesarean delivery. By sharing Knox’s breech birth experience on social media, Sarah aimed to debunk myths and promote making educated decisions.

Violet Moon Howey’s Parents Were Together For A Decade

When Sarah Shahi made a guest appearance on Steve Howey’s show “Reba” in 2004, the parents of Violet Moon Howey, Steve Howey and Sarah Shahi, crossed paths. Their relationship deepened over time, and in February 2009, after over two years of courtship, they were married in Las Vegas.

But as the end of the 2010s drew near, tensions in their relationship started to surface. In the end, problems in Sarah and Steve’s marriage caused them to split up. After their paths diverged, they officially ended their 11-year marriage in January 2021. Sarah filed for divorce in May of the previous year, alleging irreconcilable differences.

Violet Moon Howey with her parents and brothers. Source: Pinterest
Violet Moon Howey with her parents and brothers. Source: Pinterest

Their split took place on April 14, 2020. Following their divorce, Sarah and Steve both conveyed appreciation for their ten years of marriage and expressed pride in the kids they had nurtured. As they started this new chapter in their lives, their top priority changed to co-parenting their kids with love, respect, and friendship.

They divided joint legal and physical care of their three children—Violet included—while navigating this change.

Why Did She Leave Her Husband?

Violet Moon Howey’s parents’ divorce was the result of a complex web of changing priorities, work obligations, and parenting difficulties. Also, due to their hectic work schedules, Steve Howey and Sarah Shahi’s marriage grew tense while they worked on filming the last season of “Shameless” and accepted roles in Netflix’s “Sex/Life,” “The Rookie,” and “Person of Interest.”

Violet’s father, Steve, discussed the details of their split in an open interview. Moreover, he emphasized how their world centered on each other throughout the early phases of their relationship. But as their children entered the world, the responsibilities increased, making the couple’s dynamic intimidating.

Steve emphasized the significance of their common occupation as working actors. Furthermore, after a long day at work, they frequently had little energy left over to devote to their relationship; what little was left was usually directed on taking care of their kids.

Additionally, sarah Shahi concurred, stating that being a parent changed their emotional environment. The obligations of parenting seemed to overshadow the passions and ambitions that had once defined their relationship.

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