Quick Facts

Name Voyboy
Birthday December 15, 1994
Age 26
Gender Male
Height 5 ft 9 in
Nationality American-Iranian
Instagram @Voyboy
Twitter @Voyboy
Youtube Voyboy

Voyboy is an expert gamer, a Jerk accomplice, and a stream just as a substance maker on Youtube. He is a veteran of the Class of Legends Title Arrangement (LCS) and is likewise a Best on the planet in the game.

As of late, he was restricted on Jerk during the center of his ordinary planned stream. Following seven days of limitation on the site, Voyboy is presently unbanned and is streaming again. Voyboy is likewise an Esports player of Group of Legends. He is the current individual from Virtuoso Pack. In any case, he is best for his days in Group Revile and Group Dignitas.

10 Realities on Voyboy

  1. Voyboy was brought into the world on December 15, 1994, in the US. Starting in 2020, he is 26 years of age in age.
  2. He is presently unbanned and gushing on his Jerk channel. Seven days prior, notwithstanding, his channel was restricted because of a Jerk DMCA takedown. He obviously was playing copyrighted music in his stream which prompted his 1-week boycott.
  3. He is known as Voyboy to his fans and the web crowd. By his parturition subtleties, his genuine name is Joedat Esfahani.
  4. He recognizes as an American-Iranian regarding his ethnicity. This is because of the way that he is an Iranian on his family side.
  5. His total assets are as yet under survey, as indicated by credible sources.
  6. In actual height, he remains at a noticed tallness of 5 feet 9 inches.
  7. He doesn’t have a lot of data unveiled identifying with his family and their experience.
  8. Starting in 2022, he isn’t dating any sweetheart.
  9. Aside from Jerk, he likewise transfers his substance on his Youtube channel Voyboy.
  10. He likewise has an impacting presence via online media. His Twitter account @Voyboy has around 361 thousand dynamic and drawing in adherents. Furthermore, he has a foundation of 135 thousand devotees on Instagram @Voyboy.

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