Who is Ghita El Allaki? Net Worth, Age, Family, Relationship and Wiki!

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Full Name

Ghita El Allaki.


21 September 1990.

Birth Place


Age (as of 2022)

32 years.

Net worth (approx.)

USD 6-7 Million


Entrepreneur, Celebrity Wife, and Media Face.







Alma Mater

Laval University.

Astrological Sign




Ghita El Allaki, a well-known Moroccan businesswoman, media personality, online star, and celebrity spouse, was born on September 21, 1990, making her 32 years old. In September 2022, she first came to public attention when word spread that she was Saad Lamjarred’s wife, a Moroccan singer-songwriter and musician.

Due to the fact that they were close friends, the two have been associated for a while. Ghita El, on the other hand, is a well-known businesswoman who is collaborating with her mother to launch her own enterprise in a number of Moroccan locations. She and her spouse have an unshakable bond, and she has always stood by him.

What is the net worth of Ghita El Allaki?

The spouse of Saad Lamjarred, together with her husband and in-laws, reside in a luxurious property. She always dons pricey, designer clothing. Ghita El Allaki generates a sizable revenue from her global business. She has also gained side income as an investor by making investments in numerous well-known businesses.

She has a number of high-end vehicles, but she hasn’t posted anything on social media about her home. Her estimated net worth is about USD 6-7 million, per media reports (approx.).

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Early years and education of Ghita El Allaki:

On September 21st of each year, Ghita El Allaki receives birthday greetings from her loved ones and friends. Saad Lamjarred posted a nice caption and wished her a happy birthday on her official Facebook page. According to media reports, Allaki is 32 years old.

According to this, she was born in 1990 to Moroccan parents. She has Moroccan nationality, according to this. She finished her education at a local private school with exceptional grades. Ghita El Allaki also went to Canada to continue her education.

She was admitted to Laval University, where she earned her Master of Business Administration in Business Administration and Management, according to her official LinkedIn profile. She started concentrating on her career to become a successful personality after finishing her studies.

Family and siblings:

Biographical Information: Ghita El Allaki comes from a wealthy family in Marrakech, according to the media. She was raised in a stable, prosperous family with a good job. Her parents taught her how to launch a business and to put in more effort to make it profitable. Allaki mother reportedly owns a number of sizable hotels in the red city and is a successful entrepreneur.

Her father also runs a sizable company with locations throughout various nations. In addition, Ghita El enjoys wonderful relationships with both sets of in-laws. Her father-in-law, Bachir Abdou, is a classical singer, and her mother-in-law, Nezha Regragui, is an actress and comedian. Ghita, however, has not made any mention of her siblings. It appears that she is her parents’ lone kid. She is of Asian descent and follows Islam as her religion.

Ghita El Allaki’s spouse, union, and children:

Ghita El’s private life has been more secretive when she married a popular Moroccan singer-songwriter. She was friends with Saad Lamjarred for many years, let me tell you that. In 2014, they grew close, and Lamjarred made a post on his Facebook page referring to her as his best friend. Subsequently, the couple’s romance grew.

According to accounts, Ghita El began to fall in love with Saad Lamjarred but he continued to reject her. Finally, both of them admitted that they loved one another. On September 11, 2022, both of them got engaged with the support and love of their families.

Although their wedding took place in the same month, the precise day of their nuptials is unavailable. Saad posted numerous pictures of himself and his bride from their wedding on his social media accounts. Both looked stunning when they got married and finished the rituals with the approval of their families.

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Business and Career:

Ghita El Allaki finished her education and followed in her parents’ footsteps. Her parents taught her more about business than her studies. She is a successful entrepreneur as well, according to the sources, and has devoted a lot of time to her line of work. Yet, there are no details accessible concerning her professional life.

On the other hand, multi-talented Saad Lamjarred is a dancer, actor, singer, musician, record producer, and many other things. Because of his official song video, “LM3ALLEM,” which has received over 1 billion views on YouTube and made him the best-selling Arab music artist of all time, he is well-known in many locations. He received numerous accolades for both his acting and songwriting careers.

Things to know:

  • Ghita El Allaki enjoys going to club gatherings with her friends.
  • She loves animals, and she enjoys playing with her beloved dog constantly.
  • According to certain media reports, Lamjarred’s mother, Nezha Regragui, was opposed to their union but is overjoyed that her son is getting married.
  • Ghita lacks any official social media accounts.
  • In 2013, Saad Lamjarred released his 12-song album, “Wala Aalik.”
  • Lamjarred received numerous awards, including those from the Arab Nation, Africa, Morocco, and the daf BAMA.