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Y’lan Noel revealed his marital status…wife? …bio reveals his age and birthday…stands at…of Panamanian descent…appeared in a number of movies including…a purist when it comes to relationships…while filming the sex scenes in…a lot of strong women in my family…wants to live just in between action and cut…

Y’lan Noel is an American actor best known for his recurring role as ‘Daniel King’ in HBO’s Insecure (2016—-2018). In addition, playing the lead character in the horror-thriller The First Purge (2018) proved to be the most beneficial experience for his burgeoning career.

The journey began with the short film The Spartan King (2012), and he has since appeared in several films, including House of Another (2013), Slice (2018), The Weekend (2018), and The Photograph (2018). (2020). The latter is currently in post-production.

Net worth

His net worth is estimated at $1 million. Growing up, Y’Lan actually wanted to be a rapper. As for acting, he cites actor Gary Oldman as one of his role models. He’s also received advice from film director

Y’lan Noel’s Age, Birthday, and Other Information

Y’lan was born on May 21, 1988, in Brooklyn, New York. He grew up in Queens before moving to Stone Mountain, Georgia, with his family.

Y’lan prefers a low-key way of life. During an interview with The FADER in 2017, he explained why he is not on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, or any other social media platform. He stated

“I enjoy social media, but it does not sit well with me. I’m just a monk, sort of a recluse. I’m not interested in other people’s interest in me. They’d be upset with me. It’d be wheatgrass smoothies and National Geographic polar bears. It would be the most ineffective Instagram ever devised.”

He believes it may work wonders for other people, but not just for him. He, on the other hand, describes himself as a “private dude” who prefers to live between action and cut. That is the only ‘Y’lan’ he wishes to be seen.

Ethnicity and height

Y’lan stands 5 feet and 10 inches tall (1.77 meters).

According to ethnicelebs.com, he is of Panamanian descent.

Is anyone dating?

During an interview with New York City’s Hot 9 radio station in June 2018, Y’lan responded to the question “So who are you with?”

I’m single, bro,” he said.

“Around the same time, Y’lan was asked about a similar question in the June Comedy Issue of GQ, to which he replied that he is “a purist when it comes to relationships.”
Y’lan Noel co-stars with Issa Rae in the third season of Insecure, which premiered on August 12, 2018. (Photo: newsweek.com)

Moreover, during his HBO interview, he was recorded tallying his real self with the ‘Daniel’ character he played. He stated;

“I’ll be honest: I was apprehensive about playing Daniel. I enjoy being around women — I come from a family of strong women — but I’ve always felt awkward, if not insecure, around women I’ve had crushes on. Daniel doesn’t appear to be awkward in any way.”

Having said that, his current relationship status is unheard of.


Noel was cast as “Jack” in The Spartan King, a short drama-romance film (2012). Michael DeVeau wrote and directed the film. The plot revolves around a pregnant prom queen and a devoted quarterback who are both dealing with adolescent parenthood. In Poland, it was released in October 2012. In the drama-thriller House of Another, he played “Henry Gibson” (2013). Natasha Kermani and Alexander Smolowe wrote the screenplay. Noel portrayed “Kutta” on the brief-lived Fuse drama series The Hustle (2013). The series had a total of six episodes. London Brown, Erica Dickerson, and Clinton Lowe were among the main characters.

Y’lan Noel’s Interesting Facts

  1. ‘Lantay’ and ‘Ylantay’ are his nicknames.
  2. Y’lan attended Morehouse College with an undecided major and only auditioned and enrolled in New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts after receiving advice from Morehouse Alum, Spike Lee.
  3. His “beloved” dog’s name is Mello, and he enjoys taking amusing photos and videos of his chihuahua.
  4. During an interview, he stated that his top priority while filming the sex scenes in Insecure (of which there are many) was to make the female actor feel at ease.

Quick Information

  • Date of Birth=Aug 19, 1988
  • Age=32 Years, 11 Months
  • Nationality=American
  • Profession=Actor
  • Marital Status=Single
  • Divorced/Engaged=Not Yet
  • Gay/Lesbain=No
  • Ethnicity=African-American
  • Net Worth=$1 million
  • Social Media=Instagram
  • Children/Kids=Not Yet
  • Height=5 Feet and 8 Inches(175 cm)
  • Education=Morehouse College

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