Yvonne Chua Plaza


Full Name Yvonne Chua Plaza.
Famous Name Yvonette Chua Plaza.
Age (at death time) 38 Years.
Date of Birth 1984.
Place of Birth The Philippines.
Death Date December 2022.
Death Place Davao City, Philippines.
Death Cause Murder.
Ethnicity Mixed.
Nationality Filipino.
Profession Model, Business Executive, and Media Face.
Net worth (approx.) USD 1 Million.
Education BBA.
School/College Ateneo de Davao University.
Religion Christianity.

Yvonne Chua Plaza was a well-known businesswoman, model, media personality, and online influencer from Davao City, Philippines. She was born in 1984 and passed away in December 2022 at the age of 38. She became well-known throughout the nation for the beautiful modeling photos that she posted on her official social media accounts. For her enthusiasm in modeling, she has worked with numerous regional makeup artists, companies, and fashion designers.

What was the net worth of Yvonne Chua Plaza?

Yvonne Chua Plaza was content to rent a home. She took excellent care of the house and carefully adorned it. She was earning well from a variety of jobs, including acting for corporate executives and modeling. Her estimated net worth is $1 million USD (approx.).

Childhood and education

Our investigation of the official websites revealed that her full name is Yvonette Chua Plaza. She was 38 years of age (at the time of her death). According to this, she was born to her parents in the Philippines in 1984. Her business and modeling activities kept her in Davao City, Philippines. Because the authorities deleted her complete social media presence, it is impossible to acquire the precise information regarding her date of birth.

She preferred to celebrate big occasions with her family and close friends, though. She was a gifted woman who finished her education at a nearby institution. We discovered that she attended Ateneo de Davao University from 2007 to 2011 and earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration and management based on her LinkedIn handle.

Family background

Yvonette Chua was an excellent daughter, but she used to avoid her family in order to focus on her career and development. She made the conscious decision to work hard in order to achieve her goals in life because she was raised in a prosperous Filipino household. Her desire to become successful was inspired by her parents as well. Please be aware that after extensive searching on the internet and in other sources, the names and other information about her family members are not available.

Yvonne Chua Plaza together with her pal ,Source ;Instagram

She has also protected her parents’ photographs from public view by doing the same. Let me tell you that she was quite close to her siblings and would frequently offer them sound life advise. As soon as we can, we’ll strive to update the information on her family. She also belonged to the Filipino ethnicity and practiced Christianity. She was also of a mixed race and ethnicity.

Who was the boy friend of Yvonne Chua Plaza?

Let me tell you that Plaza was a stunning and alluring woman. Her youthful skin makes it impossible to determine her age. Numerous individuals began learning more about her personal life after her abrupt and startling demise. Let me tell you that Yvonne Chua Plaza never revealed even a single detail about her romantic history.

She hasn’t posted many pictures on her social networking sites to share with her pals, either. She wasn’t married, according to numerous media reports, and she was totally committed to achieving her objectives. Although it hasn’t been proven, it’s plausible that she was dating someone. We are treating her as being single because of the incorrect information.

News about Yvonne Chua Plaza’s death and murder ,Source ;Instagram

Official sources claim that in December 2022, Yvonne Chua Plaza was fatally murdered in front of her leased residence in the Green Meadows neighborhood of Barangay Tugbok, Davao City. She allegedly was on her way home and ready to open the door when two masked men rode up on her bike and shot her. The footage was captured by her CCTV camera as well.

The gunshot wound caused her to pass away immediately. The authorities looked into the case and discovered that Plaza had posted about her death and the injuries on her face on social media a few days prior. She stated that the 1001st Brigade General’s commander, Jesus Durante, struck her.

Did  you know about the Profession and career of Yvonne Chua Plaza?

2015 saw the arrival of Yvonne Chua Plaza at Pfizer as a Product Specialist following the completion of her education, as she disclosed via her LinkedIn profile. She left her work and joined Kalbe Pharma, Indonesia, once she had gained a year’s worth of experience. Yvonne Chua Plaza  just held the same job for a single year. She began working for the reputable “Sanofi” company in Davao, Philippines, in 2017.

As a enterpreneus ,Source ;Instagram

. We learned that she used to post her modeling photos on several social media accounts from her official Facebook page. She has also collaborated with numerous national and international businesses and cosmetics artists.

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Information Regarding Yvonne Chua Plaza

  • Yvonne Chua spent more than 7 years working in the pharmaceutical sector.
  • She has prior leadership expertise in the pharmaceutical sector in all commercial operations.
  • Yvonette Chua Plaza had expertise in pharmaceutical sales, product launches, and sales effectiveness.
  • She enjoyed visiting picturesque locations and posting pictures on social media.
  • Yvonne Chua Plaza is a communication specialist with high standards of professionalism and moral character.

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