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Birth Date

October 13,1958

Full Name

Zorana Barger

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Birth City

Los Angeles

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Sonny Barger


170 cm


60 kg



Sonny Barger, Zorana Barger’s late spouse, was the reason for her rise to fame. Her late spouse was a notorious felon who gained notoriety as the divisive Hells Angels Motorcycle Club commander. In 1957, he joined the Hells Angels, and he remained a member until his passing on June 29, 2022.

Sonny, Zorana’s spouse, was a divisive character who was equally despised and loved. He had already been convicted of engaging in a number of criminal activities and served time in prison as a result.

What was the Net Worth of Zorana Barger’s husband?

When he passed away, Sonny Barger’s estimated net worth was $500,000. He mostly earned his living as an illegal motorcycle rider. The US government has also classified him as a criminal. So there’s a probability that he was significantly wealthier than he claimed.

In addition to being the leader of his Hells Angels motorcycle club, Zorana Barger’s husband was an actress. He contributed to Dead in 5 Heartbeats, Gimme Shelter, and Sons of Anarchy. None of his films garnered favorable reviews, and it is unknown how much money his movies made at the box office.

Together with that, Sonny spent some time writing books. The success of his works allowed him to make a small income. His best-selling works are Hell’s Angels, Freedom: Credos on the Road, 6 Chambers: 1 Bullet, and Dead in 5 Heartbeats.

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Who is Zorana Barger married with?

Sonny Barger and Zorana Barger were wed up until his passing. They got married on June 25, 2005, and remained so till June 29, 2022.

How Zorana and Sonny first connected and fell in love is still a mystery. Yet, it is known that the two cherished their relationship. Also, Zorana didn’t hesitate to express his affection for her.

Sonny and Zorana spent a lot of time riding bikes together because they both loved them.

Physical Appearance:

The physical dimensions of Zorana Barger are 38-28-36 inches. Sara Eisen and she both stand at 5 feet, 6 inches in height (170 cm). Her tall stature is enhanced by her 132 lb. thin frame (60 kg).


Since Zorana is a motorcycle girl, it should come as no surprise that she maintains a fit body. About her other physical characteristics, she has blonde hair and brown eyes.

Is Sonny Barger’s son William Barger?

Although having relationships with a few women in the past, Sonny, Zorana’s spouse, was childless. William James Barger then entered the scene. He claimed to be the infamous biker’s biological son.

Sonny and his family, though, rejected every allegation. Little actually occurred in this case. That was due to the lack of evidence supporting the assertion that he was Zorana’s husband’s son. William’s mother is also unknown, and it is unclear if he was telling the truth or not.

How did Zorana Barger husband died?

When Zorana’s husband Sonny succumbed to liver cancer, she was distraught. On June 29, 2022, he passed away at the same age as Al Brown, 83. Given that her spouse was battling stage 4 liver cancer, she was aware of how serious his situation was.

Sonny, an outlaw biker, had previously been diagnosed with cancer in his liver. In 1982, he had previously found cancer in his body. He had laryngeal cancer, and his prognosis was for a two-week survival period. The procedure included the removal of his vocal cords as well.

The Guardian stated that controversial American journalist Tucker Carlson attended Zorana’s husband’s burial, which was attended by a large crowd. According to the article, Carlson had nothing but positive things to say about the outlaw biker.

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Zorana’s husband’s legal issues’s:

Due of his history of running into legal issues, Sonny Barger never got along with the law. Throughout his career, he was detained for a variety of offenses, including his fights and drug and weapon crimes.

The harshest punishment Zorana’s husband faced for his crimes was being sentenced to ten years in prison in 1973. But he never completed a full sentence and was freed after only four years. According to The New York Times, he was detained after being discovered in possession of drugs and firearms and was then transferred to Folsom State Prison.

Sonny’s legal troubles reached a new high point in 1988. During a dispute over the borders, it was discovered that he was preparing to attempt to blast The Outlaws, the other motorcycle gang. He was also charged with murder in a 1972 drug transaction , but was exonerated.