George Motz

Quick Facts

Name George Motz
Birthday October 9
Age 53
Gender Male
Nationality American
Married/Single Married
Wife Casey
Children Ruby and Mac
Instagram @motzburger
Twitter @MotzBurger

George Motz is a well-known television personality in the United States of America. He is also widely recognized as the “hamburger specialist” in the country. In a manner analogous to that, he makes his living as a filmmaker. As a result, Motz is a versatile and gifted individual. George is not only a historian, but he is also working right now as a lecturer at a university. In addition, he has a PhD in history. There are a great many additional factors that contribute to Motz’s enormous popularity among his followers.

Net Worth of George Motz

George Motz is involved in such a diverse range of endeavors,that it should come as no surprise that he has amassed a substantial fortune. Motz has accumulated a net worth of $6 million, and he takes home a total annual compensation of $200,000 from all of his endeavors.

Photo of George Motz’s car (Source: Instagram@motzburger)

In addition to this, he makes a good living off of his various social media channels. As a consequence of this, the director of Hamburger America and his family are able to enjoy a luxury lifestyle in New York.

Where did George Motz get his start?

Motz was born and raised in the state of New York in the United States. It was on October 9th, 1968 that he was born. He received his upbringing under the watchful eye of his parents. New York City (NYC) is another name for the city of New York. This city is well-known all over the world for places such as the Statue of Liberty, Wall Street, Central Park, and Time Square, in addition to its many towering buildings.

The Father of George

Tony Mottram is George’s father’s name, and George’s middle name is Mottram. His father provides him with a great deal of support and has never abandoned him when he was going through tough times.

Photo of Tony Mottram with his granddaughter, Tony Mottram(Source: Instagram@motzburger)

Tony, on the other hand, has not made his professional life known to the general public. Despite this, Mottram has maintained his relationships with both his son and grandchildren.

The Specifics of Motz’s Education

According to Motz’s profile on LinkedIn, he attended Garden City High School throughout his high school career and graduated with his class. Between the years 1983 and 1986, he resided there. In 1986, he was granted admission to The Catholic University of America in order to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree in History as well as Fine Art. In 1990, he received his diploma. During his time as a student at the university, Motz was a DJ at WCUA Radio and worked as an editor for the school yearbook.

George is a Well-Known Face on Television

George Motz has access to a wide variety of different sorts of television shows. In addition to those roles, he also hosts, shoots, produces, directs, and edits films. As a cameraman, he has contributed to the production of eight different documentaries. Oh Yeah! Cartoons, “What’s on Your Plate?,” “American Masters,” and “Hamburger America” are just a few examples of these shows.

Mrs. George Motz, George’s Parent

The name Joy Mottram was given to George’s mother when she was born. She has put a lot of effort into being a good mother to her children. According to George, he has a daily phone conversation with his mother that lasts for a total of thirty minutes. She was twenty-one years old when she gave birth to him.

Photo of George Motz with mother, Joy Mottram (Source: Instagram@motzburger)

In addition, he claims that his mother is an excellent advisor to those around her. Additionally, she is a strong supporter of her son.

Motz on IMDb

Motz’s page on IMDb is really quite impressive. He has one credit as a director of photography, two credits as a producer, and eight credits overall in the camera department. In addition, he has one credit as a cinematographer. In addition, he has appeared in the films Burger Land and Made in America, both of which he was a part of.

Presented by George

The Burger Show has continued with George in his role as host. This show ran all the way through to 2019, starting in 2018. In addition to that, he appeared on the show as both a guest and a burger expert. In addition to that, in 2013, he appeared as a special guest on the podcast edition of “The Matthew Aaron Show.”

Motz Has Written a Book

“The Great American Burger Book” was written by George Motz, who is also the name of the book. This book describes many regional takes on the hamburger, along with their respective cooking techniques. In addition, the book details the classic methods of grilling that are essential to the preparation of tastier burgers. In addition to that, he has given the specifics of signature dishes and recipes.

Awards & Achievement

Mr. Motz has been honored with the prestigious Emmy Award on three separate occasions. He won the prize three times in 2006, the first time in the year 2000, and once in 2006. These awards were bestowed upon Motz in recognition of the contributions he has made to WNET in his role as Director of Photography.

Is George Motz Married?

It’s true that the producer of Burger Land has been married in the past. On the other hand, he is not currently married and is leading a single life at this time. In a similar vein, he is bringing up his children in a happy and responsible manner. Casey Motz is the name of the woman who used to be his wife. The former couple has not discussed the specific date on which they tied the knot.

Casey Motz and I are no longer together.

Despite the fact that Motz’s divorced date is not yet public knowledge, he and his ex-wife have finalized their divorce and are no longer living together. In addition, the factors that led to his breakup with his girlfriend have not been disclosed in public.

George Motz is a Single Dad

Motz was forced to raise his children, Mac and Ruby, on his own after he and his wife divorced and he was left with sole custody of the kids. Since that time, he has been responsible for the sole upbringing of his children. Despite this, his parents have been a tremendous help in the process of raising his children.

Photo of Mac Motz (Source: Instagram@motzburger)

According to what he said in an interview with the New York Times, he wakes his children up at 10:30 in the morning to have breakfast. He goes on to say, “It’s not an easy task.” Even though Motz’s business and other work keep him far busier than most people, he still makes sure to set aside time for his children, which is a trait that every great father possesses.

An Expert In Balancing

The ability to keep a healthy balance between his personal and professional lives comes naturally to George Motz. He has a flawless regimen from the time it gets dark to the time it becomes light. Regardless of how busy he is, he is able to maintain strong relationships with both his relatives and his customers by doing so. First, he fulfills the responsibilities that come with being a father and a homeowner. After he has finished everything, he gets ready to go to work. On Sundays, he divides his time between hanging out with his friends and taking time for himself.

George, the Food Enthusiast

It will definitely not be digested when we say that a chef does not like to eat. This rule applies to George too. He is a great lover of food. He says that he prepares food from different countries every day at lunch. For this, he and his family spin a globe and point a finger at it. Wherever their finger lands, they go for the signature dish of that country. He calls it ”Eat The World NYC”. Sounds interesting!

Motz isasa Filmmaker

Motz is a filmmaker and freelances whenever he finds a suitable time. It has been over twenty-five years that he is engaged in this field. Further, he has mostly filmed documentaries in his career. Motz is also the director and founder of The Food Film Festival.

George Motz & Hamburger America

”Hamburger America” is one of the books written by George. It was officially published on 29th May 2018. This book is a guide for those who love to prepare and eat hamburgers. Before that, he had also published a book with a similar name in 2011.

Motz Onion Burger

Motz is also famous for his special onion burger. He says that he was once inspired by Mumbai street food and got the idea to make hamburgers tastier than ever.


He has shared his special recipe with his fans through a YouTube video presented above.

George on Social Media

George is available on different social media platforms. He has got accounts on Twitter and Instagram with tremendous fans. Furthermore, he keeps on updating his fans with his day-to-day activities.

Motz in Social Media

Motz has more than 136k adherents on his Instagram account. Further, he follows nearly 400 people. His username is @motzburger. George mostly posts photos of his new and tasty dishes. He has made a total of approximately 3k posts. George is present on Twitter with roughly 12.1k followers. He goes by the username @MotzBurger. On his account, he has presented himself as a Burger Scholar, Author, Food Photographer, TV Host, and the director of The Food Film Festival.

Motz’s Interests

Motz is a huge fan of strumming the guitar, and he practices the instrument daily between the hours of 11:30 and 12:30. He recently acquired a 1977 Gibson ES-335 guitar. George’s musical influences include the Pixies, the Who, and David Bowie, among others.

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