Jake Ryan

Jake Ryan is a famous former Australian soccer player. In addition, he is an employee of Fairfax Media and a web site producer for their domain. What’s left, huh? He’s a survivor of a Bali bomb.

Bali bombings took place in many locations in Indonesia in 2002. Many people have lost their lives, though others of them have lost their lives. Kuta Beach, one of the main tourism destinations, has also been targeted.

Around that time, the Australian sports teams celebrated an annual end-of-season break. Jake Ryan was one of the players. He had probably sustained some burns, but he survived. Later, in 2020, he died as a result of a traffic crash in Italy.

10 Data on Jake Ryan: Car Crash Death

  1. Jake Ryan is a former Australian soccer star. He still works on Fairfax Media and has managed their website.
  2. The player has no Wikipedia or IMDb. Yet his name is quite circulated in the news portals.
  3. Ryan is an Australian, coming to nationality. He was born and brought up on the Gold Coast.
  4. The precise date of birth and the zodiac details of Jake are not found. However, he died in 2020 at the age of 39.
  5. Moving on, Ryan was a handsome guy. He had an athletic body built together with a height of almost 6 feet.
  6. Jake’s marital status is unclear. Maybe he’s got a wife or a girlfriend. Right now, little has been revealed about his love life.
  7. Ryan has a wonderful family coming to the family. He’s got great parents and a handsome sibling. His brother, Mitchell, is also a survivor of the Bali bombing.
  8. Jake has always tried to be a sportsman. Thus, he began to play soccer rules and became popular. Yet he was confronted with the bombing and did not play aggressively.
  9. Ryan got a job on the local radio after that. Later, he was employed as a columnist by Fairfax Media. His net worth of data has so far been undisclosed.
  10. The guy was flying around Europe and sharing photographs on Instagram. Unfortunately, he died when he was unable to survive a fatal car crash in Italy.

Facts of Jake Ryan

Name Jake Ryan
Age 39 years old
Gender Male
Height About 6 feet
Nationality Australian
Profession Columnist
Siblings Mitchell
Married/Single Unknown
Instagram jake_of_all_trades_22