Joseph Lau Net Worth – $7.2 Billion

What is Joseph Lau’s net worth?

Joseph Lau’s net worth is to be around $7.2 billion as of October 2022.

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$7.2 Billion




January 1, 1951





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October 20, 2022

Who is Joseph Lau? What is his Nationality and Profession?

Joseph Lau is a billionaire from Hong Kong.

According to Forbes, as of April 2017, Lau owned a 61% share in Chinese Estates Holdings, and his net worth was reported to be $15.1 billion. Forbes estimated the value of Lau’s collection to be $1 billion in 2017; he is an ardent art collector.

Joseph Lau’s net worth is predicted to be around $7.2 billion as of October 2022.

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How was the Early Years of Joseph Lau? Full Name, Birthday

On July 21, 1951, Joseph Lau Luen Hung was born in Hong Kong.

He also has two younger sisters and a younger brother. Bo Wing-Kam and Lau were divorced in 1992 after their 1977 wedding.

When he purchased a 43% stake in Chinese Estates Holdings through Evergo in 1986, he became the company’s largest shareholder. Since then, he has increased his real estate holdings by making a number of acquisitions.

Professional Career of Joseph Lau

According to reports, Joseph Lau owned a 61% share in Chinese Estates Holdings, a sizable Chinese investment holding firm with headquarters in Hong Kong, China. Its subsidiaries primarily engage in real estate development, brokerage, investment in stocks, and loans.

According to the Sunday Times, Lau was one of the first seven people to buy a Boeing 787 Dreamliner jet for his personal use in 2007. With at least 10,000 bottles, he also has one of the finest red wine collections in the entire world.

He is also renowned for being a voracious art buyer. The Macau Court of Final Appeal ruled in 2012 that Lau and Steven Lo had offered HK$20 million to Ao Man-long, the former head of Macau’s public works department, regarding a bid for five plots of property next to the airport.

Bribery and money laundering are the charges against Lau and Lo. Both of them denied the accusations, and Lo earlier testified in court that the HK$20 million was a down payment for the building firm San Meng Fai.

The charges against Lau and Lo were proven true in 2014 by the Court of First Instance in Macau. Lau challenged his conviction and five years and three months in prison.

Joseph Lau’s net worth is predicted to be around $7.2 billion as of October 2022.

How is Joseph Lau’s money spent?

Wine and Joseph Lau’s extensive art collection are two of his favorite purchases.

Wine and artwork collections of Joseph Lau

Lau is a well-known art collector whose collection is thought to be worth $1 billion in total. He has more than 10,000 red wine bottles.

The sales of Lau’s French wines at Sotheby’s in Hong Kong in October 2020 totaled $6.8 million, exceeding pre-sale predictions by a factor of two.

Career and Company Highlights

Here are a few of Joseph Lau’s career high points:

  • Becomes the largest shareholder of Chinese Estates, a property developer, with a 43% stake (1986)
  • Buys Pablo Picasso’s “Buste de Femme” for $67.4 million (2015)

What are the Favorite Quotes by Joseph Lau?

“Prior to the breakup, I maintained and took care of Ms. Lui and gave her lots of money, jewelry, and other gifts, the total value of which exceeded HK$2 billion.” – Joseph Lau 

“The pandemic is the biggest challenge for me. People show little appetite for shopping, and our leasing business is under increasing pressure to cut rent. My team and I have been trying a lot of methods to attract consumers.” – Chan Hoi-wan

“He’s been a businessman for many years, so he’s always thinking about the market and business even when just staying at home. But unless I ask him for an opinion, he will not talk about company business with me.” – Chan Hoi-wan 

3 Powerful Lessons From Joseph Lau

Let’s look at some of the things we can learn from Joseph Lau now that you are familiar with his achievements and net worth:

1. Go outside

You have to go out and grab it if you want something in life; it won’t just be given to you.

2. Live

Live fully and keep your attention on the good things in life.

3. Play More

It is the responsibility of the leader to listen to others, even those who feel that their opinions don’t matter.

Questions and Answers

What is Joseph Lau’s market value?

It is believed that Joseph Lau is worth $7.2 billion.

What is Joseph Lau’s age?

Joseph Lau, who is now 71 years old, was born on January 1st, 1951.

What is Joseph Lau’s height?

The height of Joseph Lau is Unknown.


The most notable property investor from Hong Kong is Joseph Lau, who holds a 61% interest in Chinese Estates Holdings. One of the wealthiest people in China is Lau.

His 10,000-bottle collection of red wine is part of Lau’s distinctive art collection. He also owns well-known works of art, including Te Poipoi by Paul Gauguin, which is valued at $39.2 million.

Joseph Lau’s net worth is predicted to be around $7.2 billion as of October 2022.